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Duck on cabbage

Duck on cabbage

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The duck was cleaned and washed.

I mixed the finely chopped cabbage with the chopped dill, thyme, pepper, tomato juice and bay leaves.

I put a quarter of the amount of cabbage in the bowl, over it I put the duck that I covered with the remaining cabbage. I put water, covered the pot and put it in the oven.

After 1 1/2 hours I took out the pot, took the lid very carefully and turned the duck. I left it in the oven for another hour, after which I took the lid off it, put out the fire and left it in the oven.

I serve it with polenta and hot peppers.

Baked duck ingredients with sweet cabbage:

  • 1 duck
  • 2 cabbages
  • 200 gr pork bacon
  • 1 onion
  • 200 ml broth
  • 1 green apple
  • 1 link dill
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • Orange peel
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar
  • 1 glass turns white
  • salt, paprika, pepper, thyme, 2 bay leaves

Take care of the duck and rub it with a mixture of coarse salt, thyme and pepper. Peeled green apple, together with a bunch of parsley, 2-3 sprigs of thyme and two bay leaves, put in the duck. Place the duck in a Roman bowl or tray of embarrassment, put a glass of water, a glass of white wine and 2 tablespoons of oil. Cover the bowl with foil and put it in the oven for about 90 minutes. After 45 minutes we return the duck. Remove the foil for the last 10 minutes and let the duck brown slightly. Generally, the duck is a bird that has enough fat to finally cook in its own juice, after the wine and water have evaporated.

Finely chop the cabbage. Heat a pot with a tablespoon of oil and lightly sauté the chopped onion with diced bacon (or bacon). Add the chopped cabbage, a teaspoon of salt, and mix gently so that the cabbage is enveloped by the fat left by the bacon. Saute the cabbage for 10 minutes until slightly softened, then add broth, thyme, a tablespoon of paprika, a teaspoon of pepper and finely chopped dill. Stir, simmer for another 5 minutes and set the pot aside.

In a tray we put all the juice and fat left over from cooking the duck, add the hardened cabbage, mix and form a bed of cabbage on which we place the duck. In a bowl put honey, balsamic vinegar, a little grated orange peel, thyme, pepper, and a little paprika. Mix well and grease the duck well with a brush. Cover again with foil and put the duck back in the oven, this time on the cabbage. After about 30 minutes, remove the foil and grease the duck again. Put the tray in the oven without foil to brown the duck. After 10 minutes, lightly pull the tray and brush the duck. We repeat the operation until the duck blushes nicely, after which we stop the fire. We open the duck in portions and serve it with cabbage, polenta and possibly a pickled hot pepper.


I have a beautiful duck ready cleaned, I cut the thighs, the wings and part of the chest, I wash the meat in more water.
Cut the cabbage and rub it with a little salt.

Put in a tray the cabbage and finely chopped onion, place the duck pieces and cover with foil. Put the tray in the heated oven for 1 hour at 170 degrees. After an hour, put the foil aside and season with pepper, a powder of thyme, chopped hot peppers and tomato juice. Cover the tray again and leave for another hour. You can turn the pieces of meat.
Take the foil and let it brown for about half an hour, if you like the bay leaf, add it to the tray after removing the foil.

Duck with created cabbage (Wirsing) and bread dumplings (Semmelknodel) & # 8211 Austrian recipe

Duck with sauerkraut (Wirsing) and bread dumplings (Semmelknodel) & # 8211 Austrian recipe. Duck legs on cabbage, stylish. The rate is one of my favorite flights. I like red meat (that's why I don't really cook the eternal chicken breast, preferring the legs or wings) and the duck has a firm texture and a phenomenal sweet taste.

The fat under the skin is released slowly during cooking, further softening the meat. The same fat turns duck skin into a crunchy, reddish crust.

What is the best known dish prepared from duck? Duck on cabbage! What I cooked here is a centuries-old recipe from the Austro-Hungarian area: duck with created cabbage (known as Wirsing) and with Bohemian bread dumplings (Böhmische Semmelknödel). It is eaten in Prague, Vienna and Budapest, in Bayern and almost throughout Transylvania and Banat.

It's basically a classic steak the duck, from the whole bird or from pieces (I made from thighs) with two linings that go wild next to it. Wirsing is prepared as a sauté with pieces of kaiser (bacon) and onion and quenched with liquid cream (natural cream for cooking).

What is missing from the landscape? The beer! Next to this food goes the beer.

Obs: you can use other poultry meat (chicken, turkey, game, goose, etc.).

Duck on cabbage in a Romanian bowl

Duck on cabbage in a Romanian bowl recipes: how to cook duck on cabbage in a Roman bowl and the tastiest recipes for caramelized duck on a bed of red cabbage, wild duck with cabbage, Romanian petre cake recipe, chicken on the glass, fried anchovies on toothpicks, toast on the stove, baked chicken on the glass, baked chicken on salt, put on the glass in the oven, put on salt in the electric oven.

Duck steak on cabbage in a Romanian dish

Meals, Meat dishes 1/2 large white cabbage 1 large carrot 3 tablespoons broth dill thyme salt pepper paprika duck meat (I used the chest and thighs)

Aromatic caramelized duck on red cabbage bed

Meals, Meat dishes for baked duck: 1 duck 3 sour and hard apples salt, rosemary pepper 5 cloves garlic 5 cloves 1 cinnamon stick 2 tablespoons honey 1 tablespoon dijon mustard 1 orange for cabbage salad: 1 red cabbage 2 red apples a cinnamon tip 1.

Duck wings with cabbage

Foods, Dishes with duck cabbage (in my case ..wings and duck back) an average cabbage about 1.5 kg a suitable onion 3 tablespoons broth a few cherry tomatoes delicate bay leaves, chopped green parsley peppercorns

Sarmale in vas roman

Meat dishes, Christmas recipes 1 cabbage 1 5 kg fresh 1/2 minced turkey meat 1/2 minced pork 150 g smoked bakon 50-100 g rice 1 onion pepper thyme green dill 1/2 l broth made in sour cream house (optional)

Cabbage with duck

Meat dishes 1 duck 1 sauerkraut 200 ml. Oil 2 tablespoons broth salt, pepper

New cabbage with smoked in a Romanian dish

Meat dishes .2 fresh cabbage .750 g smoked. 1 onion (I had red onions) .2-3 sprigs of green onions .1 bunch of dill .a cup of tomato juice .pickle .lumber leaves .pea beans .salt, pepper .oil

Duck on cabbage

Meat dishes - a large sweet cabbage - 2 ducks - thyme - 2 bay leaves - 2 large onions - 2 carrots - peppercorns - broth - 3 tablespoons delicate - a sprig of dill - a little oil

Duck On Cabbage

Dishes with duck meat - 2.3 - 2.5 kg carrots - 0.3 kg salt - 5 gr. pepper - 10 gr. sweet paprika - 10 gr. enibahar - 4 gr. path - 3 gr. coriander - 3 gr. thyme - 10 gr. bay leaf - 3 gr. onion - 0.4 kg garlic - 80 gr. (optional) sour cabbage - 3-4 kg of tomato juice.

Duck on cabbage

for 4 servings: & nbspo rate of 1 kg and a half & nbsp1 kg of sauerkraut & nbsp2 quince apples & nbspun hot peppers & nbsp3 thyme branches & nbsp10 coriander seeds & nbsp5 minced cloves a teaspoon of ground cumin & nbsp4 bay leaves.

Duck with red cabbage and prunes

Meals, Meat meal 4 duck legs one red cabbage 4-5 cloves garlic 100 ml balsamic vinegar duck fat 150 g prunes dried ginger powder thyme 2 tablespoons sugar one tablespoon honey salt 500 g potatoes 500 ml vegetable soup

Chicken with vegetables in a Roman bowl

Meat dishes 1 chicken potatoes 400gr onion 2 pcs bell pepper 1 piece larger garlic 2-3 cloves spices for meat chicken pepper green parsley

Chicken with potatoes in a Romanian bowl

Paprika, Chicken 1 small chicken (1kg) 1 kg of potatoes 2 ends ^ years of garlic spices for chicken paprika salt pepper pepper oil

Rice with chicken and vegetables in a Romanian bowl

Meat dishes a cup of long grain rice 1 kg boneless chicken breast 5 eggplant 3 medium onions 5 capsicum peppers 4 tomatoes broth salt rosemary basil parsley

Pork steak in a Roman dish

Oregano, Wine, Allspice 1 kg pork muscle 2 glasses wine an onion 2-3 cloves garlic salt pepper allspice oregano.

Baked trout with potatoes like in Alba-Iulia.

Dishes with over 3 medium trout. 2 tomatoes. 1.5 kg potatoes (for baking in a Romanian dish). 50 gr butter. 1 cup white wine. salt, freshly ground, paprika, oregano.

Turkey pulp with aromatic herbs in Romanian dish

Parsley, Rosemary, Walnut 1 turkey pulp rosemary sage parsley butter as a walnut olive oil 15-20 ml brandy salt, pepper

Mackerel with peasant potatoes in a Romanian bowl

Food with fish ingredients: 3 pieces of fresh mackerel. 1 kg of potato salad. 1 piece of lemon. 1 cup wine (50 ml white wine) salt, freshly ground rose, dried tarragon, dried rosemary, paprika.

Wild duck with cabbage

Meat dishes 1-2 installments 1-2 sour cabbage peppercorns 100g kaizer thyme bay leaves oil 1 glass of wine

Duck on the onion bed at the Crock Pot slow cooker

White wine, Wine 1 duck (approx. 2 kg) 4 large white onions 100 ml white wine 3-4 tablespoons olive oil chilli flakes pepper salt

Duck steak with oranges

Oranges, Duck 1 duck 4 oranges 50 gr butter 1 glass of vermouth salt pepper

Pulps Cooked In An Oil-Free Roman Pot

Meat dishes chicken legs onions slices potatoes diced garlic or garlic powder pepper strips or slices (optional) green beans (optional) parsley dill (salt, spices to taste - for chicken) the quantities I leave to your discretion.

Turkey breast wrapped in sour cabbage leaves

-a whole or halved turkey breast -a sour cabbage or two if the breast is cut in half -a little sour cabbage juice enough to boil the steak in the bowl

Rustic chicken with potatoes, in a Roman dish

Garlic, Potato, Mustard 4-5 chicken legs (or chicken) 2 carrots 1 tomato 1 onion red pepper and rosemary green 3-4 tablespoons honey honey mustard salt pepper cheese 1 kg potatoes garlic 50 g butter

Veal with cabbage in the Romanian dish

Meat dishes 4 pieces of veal steak. 1 cabbage. 250 ml white wine (for marinating meat). 100 ml white wine. 2 tablespoons mustard. 1 water onion (chopped julienne). salt, freshly ground pink, curry, rosemary, tarragon and other spices we like.

Thighs in a Roman bowl, with thyme and wine

Thyme, Potato, Chicken thighs chicken thighs new potatoes 100 ml white wine 4-5 cloves garlic a red onion thyme salt pepper butter green parsley

Duck with nuts

Duck a young duck 2 onions 5 cloves garlic 2 lg butter 1 cup boiled rice 1 cup boiled wine 200 g crushed walnut kernels 2 bay leaves salt pepper

Rat egg in breadcrumbs

Duck 1 egg duck, a bunch of parsley, 1 slice of mozzarella, 1 tablespoon breadcrumbs

Stuffed duck legs

Food, Steaks 4 duck legs, 4 slices of prague ham, meat on the bones that come out of the thighs, a few pistachios, 1 egg yolk, dry white bread, milk, butter, 2 sage leaves, parsley, salt, pepper, for sauce: 4 poles of brown duck bottom (so.

Peking rate

Rate 1 rate glucose dough sheets of wheat flour or rice flour green cucumber onion onion peking sauce

Cabbage Pies

I want to mention that this recipe is taken from a person dear to me, whom I had the happy opportunity to meet at alba-iulia at a meeting with the forumists on the tasty. for the dough: 1 kg of wheat flour 2 cubes of fresh yeast 1.

Duck apples in the oven

Food, Steaks 1 duck 8 apples cloves, pepper, salt, cinnamon butter

Lacquered rate

Meals, Meat dishes a whole duck, well cleaned, fine salt, pepper, honey

Duck with red cabbage

Meat dishes 1 piece duck (mine had around 2,300 gr) salt, pepper and rosemary for the filling 2 ionatane apples 1 piece orange salt, pepper, rosemary, cloves and a cinnamon stick for the garnish 2 suitable cabbages 2 pieces onion 2 apples 1 teaspoon sugar.

White beef broth with new potatoes in a Romanian bowl

Meat dishes 700g white beef brine 2 tablespoons olive oil 100ml semi-dry white wine 3 red onions 500g new potatoes 1 tablespoon tomato paste salt and pepper to taste 3 glasses of meat soup or water 1 bay leaf fresh thyme a few fresh oregano leaves.

Trout on cabbage

Dishes with over 3 trout 1kg white cabbage 1kg red cabbage 1 onion 1 fat pepper, 1 jar of red broth 1/2 teaspoon cumin powder (cumin) 2 tablespoons butter salt pepper a little dried thyme, 1 teaspoon lemon salt 3 cloves garlic

Delicious oven rate

Sea salt, Duck a whole duck 3 tablespoons bee honey & nbsp1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar & nbsp1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon worcestershire sauce & nbsp;

Summer sauerkraut

Canned and pickles, Salads one of my favorite salads in summer is the summer pickled cabbage in full sun for a few days. but the faster it dies, the faster it must be consumed because it oxidizes. -4 kg of fresh cabbage -1.


Sweets, Biscuits, Biscuits in a bowl put: - 380 g flour, - 10 g cocoa, - 5 g ness (a teaspoon), - 10 g baking powder, - 5 g baking soda, - a pinch of salt. - 50 g chopped walnuts, - 150 g chopped chocolate chopped into large pieces in another bowl put: - 190 g.

Duck with quince, slow cooker

Quince thighs and chest from a duck 4 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon honey 2 large quinces

Duck legs at Crock Pot

Bay leaves, Bay, Duck 3 duck legs 1 tablespoon large salt 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon ground allspice 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper 1 tablespoon gin (or other strength) `4 cloves garlic 3 bay leaves

Serbian rate

Steaks, Meat dishes 1 duck, 2 cloves garlic, 100 g rice, 700 g potatoes, 3 onions, 300 g bell peppers, 200 ml sour cream, paprika salt.

Flavored duck in red wine sauce

Sea salt, Duck 1 duck 2 tablespoons honey 1 teaspoon molasses 4 tablespoons olive oil with lemon flavor 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon sea salt 2 sprigs of rosemary broken leaves then finely chopped 500 g peeled new potatoes 375 ml red wine 2 spoons.

Duck liver in crispy crust

Meals, Meat dish 4 pieces with duck liver 2 eggs flour breadcrumbs salt, pepper

Duck liver in crispy crust

Meat dishes 4 pieces with duck liver 2 eggs flour breadcrumbs salt pepper

Homemade pate - Slovak recipe

Duck 400 g chicken liver 4 eggs 200 ml cooking cream 150-200 g lard (pork duck goose) 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper salt.

Duck steak with berry sauce

Orange, Water, Duck 2 duck legs a tablespoon of lard pork salt, black pepper, rosemary nutmeg, coriander thyme (ground and berries) an onion 2-3 cloves garlic, bay a orange, a glass of white wine fruit forest (blueberries, blackberries raspberries - what can) - I have.

Ratza on cabbage

Meat dishes -a suitable cabbage -an onion -2 pcs. carrots -1 red bell pepper -1 green bell pepper -3 tomatoes or 3-4 tablespoons broth -dill parsley spices -ratza meat

Ciolan on cabbage and dumplings

Meals, Meat dishes * a raw ciolan (non-smoked) * a sweet cabbage * 350ml white wine * 100ml apple cider vinegar * 150ml meat juice * an onion * thyme, salt, pepper

Lychee With Cabbage

Peppers, Hot peppers for dough: 1 kg of wheat flour 2 cubes of fresh yeast 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons oil warm water for kneading for the filling: one kg of fresh cabbage to cook a little in oil season with pepper or pepper fast.

Rate stuffed in the oven

Meat dishes 1 piece potatoes 1 kg apples 1-2 pcs white onion 2 pcs olives 4-5 pcs salt pepper thyme paprika after taste sunflower oil 50 ml

Duck on sour cabbage

The cleaned and washed duck is prepared in the evening for marinating. Serve with salt and pepper. Put in the tray in which it is to be prepared and add on and next to it onions (peeled, washed and chopped), peppers (peeled and seeds, washed and chopped), parsnips (peeled, washed and cut into thick slices), basil and oregano leaves (washed), white wine and 300 ml of water.

Put the tray in the fridge and turn the duck from side to side from time to time.

The next day, turn on the oven to warm up.

Wash the sauerkraut, chop and place under the duck. Sprinkle freshly ground pepper over the cabbage, add the tomato juice, bay leaves and a cup of water. Cover the tray with aluminum foil and place in the oven. Add more water if necessary during cooking. After the meat is well penetrated, remove the aluminum foil and let the duck brown on both sides.

Duck on sour cabbage

The cleaned and washed duck is prepared in the evening for marinating. Serve with salt and pepper. Put in the tray in which it is to be prepared and add over and next to it the onion (peeled, washed and chopped), the pepper (peeled and seeded, washed and chopped), the parsnip (peeled, washed and cut into thick slices), basil and oregano leaves (washed), white wine and 300 ml of water.

Put the tray in the fridge and turn the duck from side to side from time to time.

The next day, turn on the oven to warm up.

Wash the sauerkraut, chop and place under the duck. Sprinkle freshly ground pepper over the cabbage, add the tomato juice, bay leaves and a cup of water. Cover the tray with aluminum foil and place in the oven. Add more water if necessary during cooking. After the meat is well penetrated, remove the aluminum foil and let the duck brown on both sides.

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