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15 Over-the-Top Wedding Cakes

15 Over-the-Top Wedding Cakes

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It’s your big day, so the bigger cake, the better, right?

These tiered confections are extraordinary and utterly original.

Planning a wedding is a very detailed mission, one that involves a ton of time and persistence. The process is supposed to be one of the most adventurous and fun things to do as a couple.

While often the bulk of the planning winds up in the hands of the bride — and most prefer it that way — there is one thing that couples frequently tackle together: the cake.

A wedding cake can come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and fillings. Some couples opt for a classic and traditional tiered confection, while others really take the opportunity to express themselves as a couple, experimenting with flavors and décor.

It’s definitely important to fill the inside of the cake with the fillings that you as a couple love the most, but cake decorating is where you can really get creative.

We’ve seen some spectacular cakes, overflowing with flowers, crystals, and colors, and then, we’ve seen original wedding cakes, cakes that push the boundaries of sugar and fondant and really reflect the whimsy of a bride and the groom.

From life-size to upside-down to diamond-encrusted, these cakes are anything but subtle. Their dramatic presence demands attention, so click through to see these examples of sugared perfection.

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You don't have to visit Kyoto to see those baby pink blossoms. Ron Ben-Israel Cakes weaves cherry blossoms around a five-tiered cake. And these are even better because they're edible.

Mike's Amazing Cakes designed this wedding cake layered with royal throw pillows and topped with a crown. But since there's only one crown, does the bride or groom get dibs?

The Top Wedding Food Trends, According to Pinterest

Pinterest may just be the ultimate wedding-planning resource—so it&aposs no surprise this platform has the scoop on this year&aposs most popular wedding trends. And today, Pinterest released its annual report for the top wedding trends of 2018—including what we can expect to see on our plates and in the buffet line. From metallic wedding cakes to vegan treats and pretzel bars, wedding food has officially gone from mediocre to the main event.

11 Over-the-Top Wedding Cakes That Totally Stole the Show

Most couples seemingly opt for smaller, more "compact" wedding cakes. You know, the kind of cake that is camera-friendly, and not intended to feed all of their guests&mdashthat's what the kitchen cake is for&mdashallowing them to afford a beautiful, impressive confection without breaking the bank. Or, maybe they decide to go in a completely different direction and forego the cake entirely.

But there is always going to be those couples who want everything at the wedding to be over the top, including their wedding cake. And to do this, they'll be sure to feature an enormous, multi-tier, over 100-lbs, embellished cake at their reception. These have been the norm in royal and celebrity weddings for decades. In fact, it seems that if you didn't need a ladder to reach its top, the cake wasn't fabulous enough.

Take Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene, for example, who married in July of 2011. Their soft pink cake was so impressive that the press was asking, at the time, if it was the world's biggest piece of wedding confection. It featured 110 pounds of strawberries, 2,000 edible flowers, and was a total showstopper.

Now scroll down to see 11 of the most impressive wedding cakes in history that will leave you completely speechless.

This 16-Foot-Tall Wedding Cake Took One Month and 15 People to Make

That is an edible wedding cake. Not the fairytale castle of your dreams.

Created by LeNovelle Cake for a wedding at the Trans Luxury Hotel in Bandung, Indonesia on November 5, 2017, this multi-tier cake surrounded by a castle made out of sugar stands more than 16 feet tall and is lit up from the inside. According to the bakery, it took 15 people about 30 days to create the sugar decorations and no less than six hours to assemble the entire structure on site.

In the video below from the bakery, the cake is called a "See Thru Castle" and appears to have at least a half dozen turrets.

If you take a closer look, the cake's design mirrors the wedding venue itself.

Of course, with a cake that lavish, the rest of the wedding &mdash which was captured by House of Photographers &mdash was equally as over-the-top and luxurious.

The bride wore a sparkly gown down the aisle by Melta Tan with a train and tiara worthy of a princess.

Are Natural Wedding Cakes the Next Big Trend?

We're all familiar with the phrase, "less is more," and apparently, that applies to wedding cakes. Left and right, we're seeing more and more frosting-less wedding cakes, and shockingly enough, they somehow seem to exude class. You may assume that un-adorned cakes would appear cheap and lacking effort, but if done properly, the effect is quite the opposite.

Hilary Duff included a naked wedding cake in her fairytale wedding theme in 2010, and even Victoria Beckham had one for her wedding in 1999, but she's always been ten steps ahead of every trend. Understated and natural, these cakes seem to convey a similar character as "rustic" baked goods and recipes- a feeling of comfort and home.

Adorned with countless varieties of assorted fruits and flours, these tasteful confections are on the rise and parading the wedding scene, and frankly, although they reject tradition, they are irresistibly adorable.

So as you attend summer weddings, keep an eye out for these humble assortments. And if you're planning a wedding of your own, consider going against the grain (or in this case, the icing).

Over-the-Top Cake Creations from Wedding Cake Championship

Browse the over-the-top cake creations from Season 1 of Wedding Cake Championship.

Wedding Dress Cake Topper — Viki & Reva

Reva's fun, quirky style is represented by the arbor and sugar flowers and Viki's contemporary, clean style is represented by the classically styled dress, made primarily of gum paste, rice cereal treat and fondant.

Wedding Dress Cake Topper — Sabrina & Regina

The bodice of Sabrina and Regina's cake topper is carved out of rice cereal treat, covered in a fondant and modeling chocolate mix. The skirt of the dress is covered in ruffled fondant with brushed gold edges and the top is piped with American buttercream.

Wedding Dress Cake Topper — Holly & Kaylinn

Holly and Kaylinn represented the layers in their personality with the ruffles on their wedding dress cake topper styled with a sweetheart neckline and sliver dragees.

Wedding Dress Cake Topper — Stephen & Jared

Stephen and Jared's cake topper is a mix of art deco and steampunk styles. The base is carved from rice cereal treat and decorated with fondant and royal icing.

Full Buttercream Covered Vanilla Superhero Cake with Monogram Topper — Viki & Reva

Viki and Reva's urban, concrete jungle cake is made of vanilla bean cake filled with a strawberry-funfetti buttercream and a lemon curd schmear. The outside is decorated with a cityscape and superhero figurines made of fondant.

4-Tier Funfetti Cake with Superhero Figurines — Holly & Kaylinn

Holly and Kaylinn's funfetti superhero cake is filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. The overall design depicts the superhero couple holding up their community.

5-Tier Vanilla Cake with Bride & Groom Superheroes — Sabrina & Regina

Sabrina and Regina's vanilla bean cake is filled with strawberries, whipped cream and sprinkles. It's topped with fondant sculpted superhero figurines representing the engaged couple, Meilani and Kevin.

4-Tier Banana Cake with Tiara and Sugar Crystals — Van & Estella

Van and Estella's tiara topped superhero cake is made of banana cake and filled with strawberries and a cream cheese frosting.

Anchor Cake Topper — Sabrina & Regina

Sabrina and Regina's anchor is made of gum paste and wrapped in fondant. It's surrounded by sea shells, a star fish and a flower made of gum paste.

Starfish Bride and Groom Cake Topper — Viki & Reva

Viki and Reva's bride and groom starfish are made of equal parts fondant and gum paste, standing on graham cracker sand and surrounded by fondant sea shells.

Palm Tree Island Cake Topper — Holly & Kaylinn

Holly and Kaylinn's palm trees are made of fondant and stand on a base of graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar.

Beach Bucket Cake Topper — Van & Estella

The structure of Van and Estella's beach bucket cake topper is made of rice cereal treat covered in fondant, It's topped with sea shells made of fondant and gum paste and surrounded by chocolate rocks and brown sugar sand.

Intertwined Palm Trees Cake Topper — Jared & Stephen

Stephan and Jared's intertwined palm trees are made of fondant and stand on a base of graham cracker sand and are accented by a picket fence.

4-Tier Horchata Cake with Skull Toppers — Jared & Stephen

Inspired by a Mexican pi ñata, Stephen and Jared's cake is flavored with horchata and filled with a vanilla bean, Italian meringue buttercream.

5-Tier Mexican Hot Chocolate Cake with a Tile Base — Sabrina & Regina

Sabrina and Regina's five tier cake is a Mexican-spice chocolate cake with a cinnamon mascarpone cream filling. The bottom layer is inspired by Mexican tiles and the upper layers are inspired by the beach.

4-Tier Chipotle Cake with Blankets & Beach — Holly & Kaylinn

Holly and Kaylinn's cake was decorated with printed rice paper and hand painted to represent Mexican fabric and the beach. The cake it flavored with Mexican hot chocolate and chipotle butter and filled with a margarita buttercream.

5-Tier Churro Cake with Tile, Embroidery & Skulls — Viki & Reva

Viki and Reva's cinnamon churro cake is filled with a coffee liquer buttercream and dulce de leche schmear. The base layer is inspired by Mexican tiles, and the upper layers draw inspiration from Mexican embroidery and nature.

Dog Cake Topper — Holly & Kaylinn

The body of Holly and Kaylinn's floppy hiared dog cake topper is made of rice cereal treat covered in fondant. He sits on a fondant blanket surrounded by dog toys made of fondant.

Love Birds Cake Topper — Viki & Reva

Viki and Reva's love birds are made of fondant and hand painted to match the feather shading of real love birds. They sit on a perch made of a dowel rod covered in fondant and painted to look like aged wood.

Unicorn Cake Topper — Stephen & Jared

The bodies of Jared and Stephen's unicorn cake topper are made of gum paste and sit atop a styrofoam base covered in marbled fondant.

Love Birds Cake Topper — Sabrina & Regina

Sabrina and Regina's love birds are made of rice cereal treat and covered in fondant. The heart arch backdrop is made of modeling chocolate and covered in fondant flowers and leaves.

4-Tier Country Cake with Nature and City Glitz — Viki & Reva

Viki and Reva's city meets country cake is chocolate cake with a cookies and cream filling made of peanut butter sandwich cookies.

3-Tier LOVE Cake with a Pup Cake Side — Stephen & Jared

Stephen and Jared made a vanilla bean cake with chocolate chips filled with a peanut butter filling.

3-Tier Cake with Prisms and Succulents — Sabrina & Regina

Sabrina and Regina's wooden geometric themed cake is made of a yellow butter cake filled with chocolate brown sugar buttercream and chocolate chip cookies.

Bicycle Cake Topper — Sabrina & Regina

The structure of Sabrina and Regina's bicycle cake topper is made of wire, covered in modeling chocolate and painted gold.

Colosseum Cake Topper — Stephen & Jared

Stephen and Jared's Colosseum-inspired cake topper is molded out of rice cereal treat, covered in fondant sand decorated with gun paste accents.

Luggage Cake Topper — Viki & Reva

Viki and Reva's luggage-inspired cake topper is made of rice cereal and covered in modeling chocolate and fondant. The Italian banner is made of gum paste.

4-Tier Vanilla Cake with Tiramisu Filling and Hazelnut — Viki & Reva

Viki and Reva's travel-inspired cake is flavored with tiramisu with a hazelnut and tiramisu filling.

3-Tier Devil's Food Cake with Infused Mint — Sabrina & Regina

Sabrina and Regina's final wedding cake was a devil's food cake filled with a mint whipped cream cheese topped with a ganache.

4-Tier Chocolate Cake with Mint Mousse and Cookies — Stephen & Jared

Stephen and Jared's chocolate cake is infused with coffee and filled with a mint and cookie mousse.

55 Unique Wedding Cake Flavours Your Guests Will Never Forget

After a wedding cake with a difference? More and more couples are opting to serve their wedding cake as their dessert on the day, so give your guests a cake they won't forget with one of these 55 unusual wedding cake flavours!

A traditional wedding cake is made of rich fruit cake, but nowadays couples are becoming more daring with their wedding cake flavour choices. With a variety of tiers, you can experiment with some fun flavours and still have a tier of traditional fruitcake or a simple Victoria sponge if you wish!

Depending on the look you’re after, a wedding cake can look completely classic on the outside, tiered and skilfully covered in white icing, but on the inside there are infinite flavour combinations to consider.

If it’s an alternative wedding cake that you’re after, there are a whole host of designs to try too (including these incredible drip wedding cakes).

To get your mouth watering, we’ve combined our own favourites with some of the unique flavours created by Suzanne Thorp at The Frostery, Roma at Sweetness, Charlotte at Langs of London and Ann at Ann’s Designer Cakes the result is 55 of the most delicious and unusual wedding cake flavours… ever.

From classics with a twist, such as vanilla with a mango mousse filling, to vegetable cakes and boozy bakes – whatever you choose your guests will be delightfully surprised on the day.

Chocolate Treats

There are bound to be a few chocoholics on the guest list — and chocolate wedding cakes double up as the perfect pudding for your wedding breakfast. Try one of these delicious chocolatey combinations that your guests might not be expecting.

  • Chocolate covered strawberry cake
  • Chocolate and peanut butter
  • Oreo cookie and Toblerone
  • Vanilla and chocolate
  • Mocha spiced chocolate
  • Chocolate fudge with dark chocolate chips and peppermint mousse

Citrus Sensations

A gorgeous citrus-based cake will refresh the palette and is ideal for a hot, midsummer wedding. Follow in the footsteps of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who had the right idea with their delicious lemon-elderflower wedding cake.

  • Italian lemon with homemade lemon curd and limoncello buttercream
  • Lime with ginger cream
  • Orange and berry with dark chocolate
  • Lemon and white chocolate
  • Light fruit and lemon
  • Key lime cake with lime cheesecake mousse

Fruity and Fabulous

A fruit cake is a wedding staple, but you can give the fruity flavour an original touch with one of these gorgeous combinations.

  • Pear and almond sponge with passion fruit
  • Banana and praline
  • Apple, cinnamon and raisin
  • Raspberry ripple cake
  • Champagne cream and fresh strawberries
  • Apple and caramel
  • Cherries and cream

Tropical Delights

Great for a summer wedding, a wedding abroad or a beach wedding in the UK, a tropical twist is exotic and bursting with flavour.

  • Coconut sponge with spiced rum buttercream
  • Vanilla sponge with mango mousse filling
  • Buttercream frosted spiced coconut with coconut flakes
  • Passion fruit and rum with vanilla bean buttercream
  • Plain sponge with pineapple cream
  • Banana and coconut cake with white chocolate ganache

Quirky Combinations

These unique and fun flavour combinations will be a talking point at any wedding — and they work particularly well with a vintage wedding theme.

  • Vanilla sponge with rose flavoured buttercream
  • Lavender honey sponge with lavender buttercream
  • Rhubarb and rose petal
  • Red velvet vanilla with cream cheese frosting
  • Brown sugar spice cake with a tangy cranberry filling
  • Cinnamon swirled vanilla with cheesecake mousse

Clean Eating

Take your clean eating to new heights with a vegetable-based wedding cake. Not only do they taste delicious but your guests will get the benefits of eating one of their five-a-day too.

  • Orange and butternut squash with orange mousse
  • Carrot and mango
  • Dark chocolate and avocado
  • Beetroot chocolate fudge cake
  • Courgette and pistachio
  • Cocoa and sweet potato cake
  • Pea and vanilla with lemon icing
  • Pumpkin and peanut butter

A Cuppa Love

If you’re a tea or coffee addict then these flavours, paired with classic flavours, are perfect for an afternoon tea-style wedding breakfast.

  • Green tea sponge with green tea buttercream — or dark chocolate ganache buttercream
  • Matcha green tea, caraway and sweet azuki beans
  • Vanilla caffe latte
  • English lavender with Earl Grey buttercream
  • Coffee-infused mocha
  • Espresso with white chocolate icing
  • Chai tea with vanilla filling

Boozy Bakes

Whether it’s sipping on a post-ceremony cocktail or raising a glass of Champagne during the speeches, weddings can be a boozy affair. Embrace the British fondness for a tipple with a cake containing alcohol.

  • Champagne cake with redcurrant or blackberry jelly with crème de cassis
  • Ginger and rum sponge with spiced rum buttercream
  • Chocolate, Guinness and blackcurrant cake
  • Amaretto-soaked fruitcake
  • Vanilla sponge with strawberry and Pimm’s jam and cucumber and mint sugar syrup
  • Piña colada with coconut icing
  • Brandy apple
  • Lemon and elderflower gin
  • Pink Champagne with raspberry jam
  • Chocolate red wine cake with blackberry preserves and chocolate ganache

Now you have the flavour decided, it’s time to think about the style of wedding cake you’re after. Browse our cake articles for floral wedding cakes, metallic wedding cakes and more.

Not only was the royal couple's cake humongous but it was also topped with a cornucopia, flowers, and stars.

The reality stars opted for a custom 10-tier cake filled with vanilla cream when they remarried in 2013.

Enormous, multi-tiered cakes will really make an impression at your wedding reception. Look through these images for some wedding cake inspiration.

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