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Nom Nom Truck: Roadside Bánh Mì for Angelenos

Nom Nom Truck: Roadside Bánh Mì for Angelenos

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Roadside Bánh Mì for Angelenos

Yes, more Asian tacos, but this Los Angeles truck that takes its cute name from the onomatopoeia at least focuses a bit more on Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches made on wheat/rice flour baguettes. Founders Jennifer Green and Misa Chien met as undergrads at UCLA, and did some brisk business, but really rose in national exposure due to their stint on Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race. They dress their bánh mì with house mayo, cucumber, jalapeño, pickled carrots, daikon, and cilatntro, and your choice of grilled pork shoulder (infused with honey, garlic, and soy), grilled chicken (infused with lemongrass, chile, and sesame oil), steamed tofu, or Vietnamese cold cuts (uncured ham, steamed pork loaf, head cheese, and pork liver pâté). And while they eventually lost out to Grill ‘Em All, the Nom Nom girls were able to expand their business, opening a new truck in San Francisco.

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