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Cake appetizer with zucchini and smoked sausages

Cake appetizer with zucchini and smoked sausages

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Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

We clean the carrot and also put it on the grater.

We clean the onion and chop it into scales, and we clean the garlic and chop it into rounds.

We cut the donut slices into cubes, and we fry the sausages and cut them into slices.

Sift the flour together with the baking powder.

Wash the greens and finely chop them.

Turn the oven to 180 degrees

In a large bowl, mix the eggs with a pinch of salt and spices.

Add the yogurt and cheese, then the flour with the baking powder and mix the dough.

A slightly firm dough will come out, but it will be thinner along with the carrot and zucchini juice.

Add the rest of the ingredients over the dough and mix it with a spatula.

Let the dough rest for 6-8 minutes, during which time the zucchini and carrot will leave their juice in the dough and we will find out if they still need flour.

I haven't put any more, but it depends on how juicy the two vegetables are.

They can drain the juice from the beginning, but we lose their taste, in my opinion.

Wallpaper two cake trays with baking paper and spread the dough in them.

Bake the trays for 40-45 minutes, at 180 degrees, or until the cakes are well browned.

The toothpick test is not valid for such appetizer cakes, because they will be quite wet, like puddings.

Over one of the cakes I sprinkled mozzarella with greens and slices of cherry tomatoes and left it in the oven for another 5 minutes.

We leave the cakes in the trays for 10 minutes, to temper them, then we leave them for another 10-15 minutes taken out of the trays and only then we can portion them.

Otherwise, we would feel like they are unripe.

Orange lentil soup and smoked sausages, boiled in beer & # 8211 via EasyPeasy (reinterpretation)

As you can see, I can't get rid of EasyPeasy & # 8230. nice with only good tips to implement. So I can't breathe, I can't help but follow his example sometimes, like in the case of the apple pie. This time he left with pork, out of respect for the creator of the recipe, although I walked a bit on the ingredients for various reasons easy to understand (aka & # 8222 does not exist in the house at the time of slaughter & # 8221 and respectively & # 8222 follows the light version & # 8221). However, I will definitely try a vegetarian option, replacing the meat with smoked tofu, as soon as I find one made from non-genetically modified soy & # 8230that might take a while & # 8230

Without further ado and boring stories, I went as follows:

& # 8211 100 grams of orange lentils

& # 8211 , please mention this fact with pleasure and increase in the comments)

& # 8211 one parsley root and one parsley root

& # 8211 a piece of celery (root that is), to me exactly 56 grams

& # 8211 a yellow onion (I didn't have a red bre!)

& # 8211 a donut, a red capsicum pepper

& # 8211 3 semi-smoked sausages, slightly spicy (don't discount the quality here, it's really not the case, go for the really good ones!)

& # 8211 a bay leaf, dried thyme, paprika, black pepper.

I tried to minimize the caloric things as much as possible: oil, meat, fried foods, because I don't really like my stomach & I'm also a bit allergic. So I proceeded to the execution, well armed:

1. The lentils are soaked in blond beer in a bowl, covering with up to 2 fingers with liquid. The process takes about an hour. I didn't monitor after the clock, but in the meantime I went to the next steps & # 8230 But it looks ochiometrically, can & # 8217t miss it! Top up with beer, if necessary.

2. Chop the diced vegetables. Not very small. Separately, boil about 1 liter of water.

3. Saute all the vegetables in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. When soaked, transfer to a saucepan and pour hot water over. Boil over low heat until the soup is ready.

4. Cut the sausages into pieces and fry in another large pot, without any addition of oil & # 8211 I don't think it was necessary. Be very careful not to burn the bottom of the pot.

5. Add the lentils, along with the beer, to the pot with the meat. Allow to simmer and simmer. Now, the cooking time depends on the type of lentils used. This orange boiled for me very quickly but it doesn't stay intact in the process. So I subscribe to EasyPeasy, if you want to see the lentil in the doll, use brown.

6. When the lentils are almost cooked, add the vegetable soup completely, mix and boil a little more. Now add the spices.

Cake appetizer with zucchini and smoked sausages - Recipes

-Wash the pumpkins and put them on the large grater. Squeeze well in the palm then mix with the crushed garlic, chopped parsley and the other ingredients.
-Make the flour until it comes out a soft dough. Homogenize.
-Heat the oil in the pan and with the help of a spoon, take the composition and fry it.
-Let it brown on both sides then remove it on a napkin to absorb the oil.

-Grind the garlic, mix gently with oil and then add sour cream. Mix well.

Here they are ready. They were very, very good!


I really believe that they turned out very good! I'm crazy about them! I also serve myself with one that I enjoy with my eyes! :)

Please enjoy more :) Pooop Lavinia.

Very good, especially with the sauce. mmmm you gave me a good idea for wednesday :))

I know what my craving is. I put them on the list of the week :)

Amalia, I'm glad I gave you a good idea :) Tell me if you liked them because we like them very much. Kiss you!

Hello, Bianca, after you try them, come by and let me know the result :) Sweet kiss!

Your receipe seems to be realy good! I'm a french Canadian. when I want to make your receipe I have to work before to translate. But it's funny to do and you have a few really nice ideas!