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Honey leaf cake

Honey leaf cake

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Posted by panacris in Cakes
19 Nov 2012 | 4930 views


  • white flour of grade 400 g.,
  • honey 150 g.,
  • sugar cough 150 g.,
  • vanilla sugar 1 sachet,
  • milk 50 ml.,
  • 1 teaspoon ammonia,
  • egg 1 piece,
  • butter 250 g.,
  • white flour of grade 50 g.,
  • milk 400 ml.,
  • sugar cough 200 g.,
  • vanilla sugar 1 sachet,
  • lemon 1 piece

Method of preparation

In a bowl mix the honey, caster sugar, vanilla sugar, butter, whole egg, milk and ammonia and put on low heat, not directly on the flame, until the composition begins to boil, swell and double its composition. then remove from the heat immediately and add the flour all at once, stirring vigorously, with the pear-shaped target, until all the ingredients are well incorporated. Allow to cool, then divide into 3 pieces, from which spread sheets, which are baked on the bottom of the tray, over low heat.

For the cream, the flour is diluted with 100 ml. milk, until smooth. The rest of the milk is boiled with sugar and grated lemon peel. After the first boil, add the flour diluted with milk, in a thin stream, stirring continuously until it thickens like sour cream. Remove from the heat, add the lemon juice and vanilla sugar, stirring constantly until cool. Then add the soft butter and mix until smooth, cream. Grease the sheets with the cream obtained, leave them to cool until the next day, then portion them.

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Posted by mirela0911

Sheets: Honey is weighed in a saucepan. Add the sugar, butter, whole egg, milk and baking soda and put on low heat until the composition starts to boil. Take the pot off the fire, ...

Posted by Ela68

Sheet preparation method: 1. In a double-bottomed saucepan, mix the egg, sugar, honey, butter, baking soda and milk. Put on low heat and mix with a whisk until the composition thickens. ...

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You're on stage

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It can only be very good

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I want too!

on 19.11.2012, 20:45
What a good honey cake

on 19.11.2012, 20:45
Cris, first come first served right?

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Top: rub the egg with the sugar and butter, then add honey (if you put more honey than, the dough comes out very hard, it can not be stretched), milk and baking soda. Stir on steam until thickened. Remove from the steam and immediately add the flour gradually. It is divided into 4 parts, it is spread with a lot of flour. Bake over high heat on the back of the tray (cold) greased with flour and sprinkled with flour.

Cream: rub the butter with the vanilla and the sugar until it foams. Separately boil the milk with the semolina and leave to cool. When it has cooled, mix it with butter. Glaze: Boil everything over low heat until the composition thickens. The first sheet is greased with ½ of cream. Second countertop with jam. The third with the rest of the cream. The fourth top is greased with icing.

The bee cake with honey leaves and jam is left to soften the tops after which you can cut rhombuses or squares, it is very good for Christmas.

Mix eggs with sugar, then gradually add butter at room temperature and honey. Do not stop until the sugar melts and you get a homogeneous composition. Add the vanilla essence and flour mixed with baking powder until you get a dough. It is ready when it no longer sticks to the hands and becomes slightly elastic. Divide it into three equal parts and stretch the sheets. Bake them one by one on the back of a tray on which you put a baking sheet. This trick is used to make the cake sheets come out straight. Since they are quite thin, you do not need to hold them for more than 15-20 minutes. It is recommended that the oven be preheated to 175 degrees.

In the meantime, prepare the cream for the honey sheets. Put the sugar with 500 ml of milk in a container and keep it on low heat. The remaining milk (500 ml) is mixed with the starch, then poured over the one on the fire, stirring continuously. You should get a thick cream. After removing the container from the heat, add the lemon juice and vanilla essence. Until the composition cools down a bit, mix the butter at room temperature, then incorporate it into the cream obtained previously.

The assembly of the cake from sheets with honey is done as follows. Spread half of the cream obtained over the first sheet, then add the second sheet over which the sour taste jam is placed. Cover the last sheet with the remaining cream. Decorate according to your preferences and put the dessert in the fridge for at least an hour. Since honeycomb cake is versatile, you don't have to use this cream. For example, you can replace it with pudding cream or any other composition you like.

Honey leaf cake is one of the best desserts prepared at home. Don't miss the opportunity to pamper yourself with it, but personalize it according to your culinary preferences.

If you like it, share it with your friends!

A pack of 4 sheets of Dolce Iulius honey (very good)
1 liter of milk
350g sugar cough
4 sachets of vanilla sugar
7 tablespoons flour
200g margarine Rama
100g old powder
1 jar of apricot jam 360g

Method of preparation:
The milk, caster sugar, vanilla sugar and flour added in the rain are put in a pan and boiled on a steam bath, stirring constantly, until the composition thickens. After it has thickened, take the pan off the heat and leave it to cool.

Meanwhile, rub the foam, margarine and powdered sugar in a bowl. This mixture is added over the milk cream and the already cooled flour, and mixed until it is homogenous.

After we get the cream, we move on to filling the cake sheets. Take a sheet on which to spread half of the prepared cream, then cover with a second sheet on which we will spread the apricot jam, again, cover with another sheet, over which we will put the remaining cream and again we will cover with another sheet - which is the last.

The cake is placed in the refrigerator, preferably until the next day, so the sheets will become soft. The next day before serving, powder with sugar. It is a fine and delicious cake recipe that is definitely pleasant for the whole family.

The full recipe, in pictures, can be downloaded here: Honeycomb Cake & # 8211 Bee Cake (PDF Format)

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Hi. where do we find these Dolce Iulius honey sheets ?? I haven't seen or heard of them in stores. please answer, ms ..

Honey leaf cake

I really like this cake, my sister says it's complicated, so I decided to try the recipe myself.

I looked at Jurcovan's cookbook, this is the cake:

Dough: 400 g flour (I put 460), 150 gr honey, 150 gr sugar, 50 g butter, 50 ml milk, an egg, a teaspoon of baking soda or carbonic ammonia (I put baking soda

My cream was a semolina cream I will tell you later how I made semolina cream.

Preparation: Put honey, sugar, butter, whole egg, milk and baking soda in an glazed bowl. [Attachmentid = 22114]

Attached images

# 2 Cristina

Attached images

# 3 Cristina

Attached images

# 4 Cristina

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# 5 Cristina

Semolina cream for honey leaves

1/2 l milk, 100 g butter or margarine, 70 g semolina, juice and peel of a large lemon, vanilla sugar.

Put the milk, semolina, grated peel of a lemon in a pot, mix everything until it thickens and becomes like this.

Attached images

# 6 Cristina

When the cream cooled I put a little butter and vanilla sugar and I put the lemon juice but I didn't do everything according to my taste.

A sheet of cake with honey
A row of semolina cream
A sheet of cake with honey
a row of jam (I put plum jam, but you can choose what you want)
a sheet of cake with honey
a row of semolina cream
a sheet of cake with honey

I had 5 sheets, the dough gathered when I cut the sheet to the shape of a tray, so after the last sheet of cake written above I put another row of jam and the last sheet.

Attached images

# 7 Cristina

# 8 Maya

# 9 Cristina

# 10 tuti_suhan

I know it as METES (it reads METESH), but I make a cream without semolina (it comes out finer)

# 11 Cristina

# 12 Alina Anesia 28290

# 13 Bogdana

alina anesia has a little more and it's been a year since she's been making this cake
I will do it too, my mother would do it with apricot jam, my mother, what a treat, but I'll wait a while to lose another kg, it's good that I found it

# 14 Munteanu_20159

# 15 sheyla

looking for another recipe, I came across this with honey leaves & # 33
for those who don't know it, and because the section is not presented, I will put it, because I still had it in my personal archive & # 33 I did it several times, my husband being very much in love with it ..
is the ALBINITA recipe, in which I slammed some coconut flakes on his head, the ingredients being the same given by Cristina.

Thumbnails attached

# 16 Lumiere

Thumbnails attached

# 17 Santa_37356

Not Metes but Mezes. It comes from mez, which in Hungarian means honey. I wrote to you so you know where it comes from.

# 18 Cristina

I'm glad you liked it, it's not hard to make, I like what the cake looks like and next time I'll add coconut

# 19 Lumiere

Attached images

# 20 Santa_37356

I made the cake, but not according to Cristina's recipe but according to a practical one. Initially I said that I make it first in practice, and then Cristina's, but after I worked, I don't think I'll dare again.
One in my hand's eyes came out like a snail's, until I managed to spread the four sheets with a sigh of relief and to carve it on the back of the tray. that only crumbs were made and not powder and I was able to reconstruct them.
Two handmade semolina creams were 1/2 l milk and 100 g semolina. Of course I did it twice because the first one was so liquid that I could almost pour it, but in the end I proved it.
Good instead very, very good.

Thumbnails attached

Fasting honey cake & # 8211 honey sheets, Dulcineea, Albinița

Who doesn't like this cake with fasting honey or leaves with honey or Dulcineea or whatever ?!

Today's cake is a simple but delicious one, which I am sure you all know. Whether you call it Albinița or Dulcineea, it is a dessert commonly found on Romanian tables, a cake that combines the sweetness of honey with the unique taste of cinnamon. The fluffy semolina cream with milk perfectly sticks the carefully prepared sheets, and the homemade magiun completes the recipe with its slightly sour taste. I invite you to try to prepare this cake yourself to enjoy the unique taste of a homemade bee!

I used the plum magic from Râureni because I don't think there is another better and more delicious one. And because the friends from Râureni together with those from KitchenShop launched a contest that takes place between March 20 & # 8211 June 20, buy your favorite products Râureni with the promotional label and send the unique code on the label via SMS to 1719 , normal price, or register it on the website and win one of the campaign prizes by drawing lots. Keep the voucher for validation.
Stay together for the list of ingredients, but also for the simple way of preparation.

For other special fasting or sweet cakes and pies, you can also find recipes explained step by step here in the dessert section or click on the photo.

Or on the Facebook page, click on the photo.

Add the baking soda and turn off the heat. It will make a foam, don't worry, that's the way it should be.

Add the milk and mix. The sugar must melt completely. Let it cool down.

Add the flour and mix it with a spatula until it is completely incorporated and we obtain a homogeneous dough.

Divide the dough into 4 equal parts.

We stretch rectangles with the size of 35/25 cm.

Roll each piece of dough and place it on the bottom of a tray greased with a little oil and sprinkled with flour. Prick the dough from place to place with a fork and bake for 7-8 minutes.

Remove the sheets on a grill and let them cool.

How to prepare the cream:

Put the milk, salt powder with sugar and honey to boil.

When it boils, add the semolina in the rain and cook for 3-4 minutes until it thickens.

Add the margarine directly to the hot cream and incorporate it completely. Let it cool.

Mix the semolina cream enough to homogenize.

Put a sheet, half of the semolina cream, spread it evenly, the second sheet, spread the magiun, the third sheet, the rest of the cream and the last sheet.

We put another tray over and put something heavy on top to press lightly. Leave it like this for at least 4-5 hours, after which we can cut and serve.

26 comments to & bdquoCake Sheets with honey & rdquo

Happy Birthday! Good health and many accomplishments in the New Year! I am waiting for you in 2011 in the new house:

Happy birthday, Amalia & # 82302011 to bring you only joys and accomplishments.
Very good cake, it's one of my favorites, kisses.

Is it that my sugar was a little caramelized when I boiled the composition for the leaves ?? shouldn't I boil the sugar ??

Hi Amalia, now I'm making the sheets and I have a problem: I only put 300 grams of flour and the dough is already very hard, I can barely handle it. Is 30 grams of margarine enough or what did I do wrong? I respected the quantities. Thank you .

Have you seen this recipe? and does the composition look the same? The dough hardens, you know, but the sheets stretch more easily if the tray is slightly heated. I hope you managed the cake :)

Yes, I saw the recipe. I also heated the tray and I couldn't stretch the sheets so hard was the composition. And I only put 300 grams of flour. I made half of the composition without flour and I added it to the dough. -I was able to stretch and I only got 3 sheets. I haven't filled them with anything yet, I was too tired last night after I struggled with the dough for a long time :). The quantities are ok alone? Thanks

Simona honestly I don't remember exactly, but you should know that next time I make the cake and weigh it & # 8230 eventually look on the net and see if it's the same amount as the other recipes & # 8230 fries this is quite tried. Kiss you

Dear Amalia, I made this cake years ago but after another recipe it was good I can't say no, but your recipe is incredibly delicious. it is a dream, let's not forget the taste of rum, friends were enchanted by this dessert. Thank you Thank you Amalia a sweet kiss from the distant city of Sydney Australia. Amelinda Kendellyn

I kiss you too, I'm glad you found ingredients for a Romanian cake :).

thank as I gave ia because I wanted to take ia for a long time and I did it and it came out, thank you.

Dear Amalia, I am very happy with the recipes you post, they are all super good, I have a request, even if I am 55 years old and have a lot of experience in making cakes, it would help me a lot if you wrote in the recipe the size of the baking tray, I wish you happy holidays, good health and happy birthday.

35 & # 21525, thank you very much I wish you too!

I also made this cake, and the foil hardened very much. I couldn't stretch them anymore. why?

Because if they cool they stretch very hard, I stretch them on the bottom of the heated tray.

do we boil the baking soda together with the other ingredients ??

Amalia, Thanks ptr. recipe. It turned out perfect in the shape of a cake.
Thanks from Germany.
PS. Saved recipe.

Peter, if you are the one on, all the respect :). I have been admiring your recipes for a long time.

hello amalia, I also made the sheets stretched perfectly, baked perfectly and now they are hard as stone. what do they have What are they missing? or should it be so? thanks

Well they are strong but then they soften from the cream & # 8230

Thank you very much for the recipe! It is the first time after many attempts when my sheets with honey come out perfectly. I just didn't find a good recipe. I'm glad I didn't give up and I tried your recipe. Thanks again!

greetings from italy. Now on the eve of the holiday I tried for the second time this cake & # 8222a wonderful & # 8221 (my daughter's words) and it turned out delicious.
Thank you for all the advice you give.
Happy Easter to you and your family!
p.s. congratulations for the wonderful angel you have (adrian), good health

Hello, confectioners.
I'm glad to see a pleasant collaboration in the art of confectionery.
I am also a confectioner, and I am proud of this profession because it is as I said & # 8230o art.
I want to write you my recipe for sheets of honey, which is light and the sheets are super fluffy and easy to spread after leaving for about 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
4 sheets

7 tablespoons oil
7 lines of milk
7 tablespoons caster sugar
1 whole egg
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon baking soda
All of the above, boil well on the fire until the composition comes in dark brown, for. to have a caramel taste.
leave to cool and then add about 450 g, 500 gr of flour (I prefer oeas bananas)
mix lightly until the flour is incorporated & # 8230but know that the composition is a little greasy, it does not come off the hands at all, but you help yourself with a little flour and it is reserved.
if you fill it with more flour than necessary, the sheets will not be as fluffy.
give yourself comp. in 4 equal parts & # 8230 give a square shape to each sheet for to be helpful when you stretch them.
leave them on a frying pan for about 30 minutes. then put them on the work surface with flour always when you spread it out and bake it on the right heat until the sheet turns dark brown, and it doesn't stick to your fingers. & # 8212 & # 8212 & # 8212 & # 8212 & # 8212 & # 8212 & # 8212-

0.400ml milk
0.250 g of caster sugar are put on the fire
when boiling it is added, 0.35-40 gr semolina (it will be a thinner semolina, but when it cools, it will be thicker, & # 8230perfect)
after cooling the semolina and prepare 0.300 gr of foamed butter, in which a spoonful of semolina is gradually added until ready.
as the aroma is preferred vanilla according to everyone's pleasure, a little grated lemon has lemon juice.
make the filling step like any other leaf recipe with honey, & # the middle being the jam.
I can't put jam in the middle, & # 8230 just grease on each sheet a very thin layer of rosehip jam, & # 8230. It's super good.
the same is done at the laboratory where I worked. (LA TURDA-CLUJ) DANA CONFECTIONERY
you can see images on the net and among many other fried foods.
is a high-performance laboratory with a delivery of cakes & cakes and has a restaurant.
success in the culinary art and to make you a good cake.
my messaging address is for collaboration, (claudia_relu1972)
I'm waiting for an exchange of ideas.

I'm glad, Amalia, you've already seen my recipe.
I would really like to collaborate on mess as well. I left my address above. for other collaborations & # 8230
I kiss you, and I'm waiting for you to see me on the mess
sorry for the mistakes in writing the recipe above. it is also typed wrong, without sheep ... but I think it was understood.

it's a super good recipe and thank you, I knew it all the same but I added a little milk and oil but yours are fluffier

Step by step preparation of the cake with honey leaves and walnut cream

Ingredient was:

  • 2 eggs
  • 50ml milk
  • 100g butter
  • 200g old
  • 4 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 450g flour

Cream ingredient:

  • 400g whipped cream (over 30% fat)
  • 300g nuts
  • 50g old
  • 200g cherry jam

Method of preparation:

The preparation of honey sheets is relatively simple. I think just spreading the sheets requires a little patience.

In a large saucepan put all the ingredients for the sheets, except flour, ie: eggs, milk, butter, sugar, honey, baking soda and a pinch of salt.

Put the pan on low heat and mix gently and continuously until the composition turns caramel. I said about a roomy pan because this composition will swell a lot because it has baking soda in the composition.

Turn off the heat and add a little flour and stir. The result will be a soft and sticky dough. Leave to cool.

Turn on the oven at 175-180 degrees Celsius. On a plate sprinkled with flour, divide the dough into four equal parts. Each part of the dough will be spread with the rolling pin directly on a sheet of baking paper sprinkled with flour. The sheet will be rectangular with approximate dimensions of 25 / 35cm.

The baking sheet is transferred directly to the baking tray. Bake for about 5 minutes. It bakes very quickly, so be careful not to burn it. When it has changed color, that is, it has become darker, it means that it is ripe. Remove from the tray with the paper and place on a straight tray. When it is hot, it is also very fragile, but after cooling it becomes strong.

The sheets are baked one by one and this stage is very fast.

Cream for whipped cream is mixed with sugar until it hardens and sticks to the blades of the mixer.

The walnuts are ground, and for a better taste I recommend light browning before grinding. They are mixed with whipped cream.


For assembly we proceed as follows: on a flat plate (wooden bottom) we put a sheet, then walnut cream, another sheet, then cherry jam + walnut cream, another sheet and walnut cream + sheet. After placing each sheet, we press lightly by hand to make the socket.
We put another heavier wooden bottom over the cake and put it in the fridge for a few good hours or even overnight.

Before cutting the cake can be powdered with sugar, but I left it so simple.

Cut as much as you eat, not all at once because it risks drying out and store in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

The cake with honey leaves and walnut cream melts in your mouth and goes perfectly on any holiday.

Honey cake & # 8211 Albinița & # 8211 Dulcineea & # 8211 Honey sheets like at home mom

A dessert with memories from our dear childhood, Honey cake & # 8211 Albinița & # 8211 Dulcineea & # 8211 Honey sheets like at home, a sweet that will never go out of style.

Today's cake is a simple but delicious one, which I am sure you all know. Whether you call it Albinița or Dulcineea, it is a dessert frequently found on Romanian tables, a cake that combines the sweetness of honey with the unique taste of cinnamon. The fluffy semolina cream with milk perfectly sticks the carefully prepared sheets, and the homemade magiun completes the recipe with its slightly sour taste. I invite you to try to prepare this cake yourself to enjoy the unique taste of a homemade bee! I'm cooking!

Other honey sheet cake recipes:

For other special cakes and pies, also recipes explained step by step can be found here in the dessert section or click on the photo.

Sheets with honey

How do we proceed :
Mix the ingredients for the sheets and boil them for 4 minutes, stirring constantly. If you want the sheets to be darker in color, leave the mixture on the fire longer, but be careful, the sugar caramelizes very quickly.

When the composition is almost warm enough to put your finger in it without burning yourself, add flour and make a homogeneous crust, which is divided into 4 sheets that are baked on the back of the tray greased with oil for 6-7 minutes until nicely browned. I have been using baking paper for a while, spreading them directly on the baking sheet.

You can also make two baked sheets on the bottom of the stove tray and cut them in half each when they are baked.

Because I made this cake several times, I can tell you that it is quite difficult to spread the sheets but I will write you some tricks when the composition is hot, put only 300g of flour and mix. Then divide the dough into 4 and keep it warm. You can put it in one pot and the pot on another in which there is hot water or on a lid turned over a pot of hot water.

When you spread them on the bottom of the tray, use the flour.

While they cool, prepare the cream:

Boil the milk with semolina and then allow to cool. Rub the butter with the powdered sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice. Put it little by little in the cold semolina and mix well.

Again an observation I simplified the process of preparing the cream by putting the caster sugar directly in the milk, I boil the milk then I add the semolina and when the cream is cold I put all the butter and mix.

Then we make a syrup from 100ml of water and 1 tablespoon of sugar in which we put a little vanilla essence.

Sheet, with a brush we put a little syrup, cream, foil, syrup, jam, foil, syrup, cream, foil.

Powder with sugar and leave to cool overnight to soften the sheets then cut with a sharp knife.

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