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Clear chicken soup with homemade noodles

Clear chicken soup with homemade noodles

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The vegetables are cleaned and boiled whole, together with the chicken and spices, over medium heat for approx. 60 minutes with approx. 4000 ml of cold water. I admit that I used the pressure cooker again, so I reduced the cooking time to approx. 30 minutes.

After the meat is cooked, strain the soup into another bowl, season with salt and cook again. Boil the homemade noodles separately in boiling water with a little salt. After boiling, strain and add to the meat soup. Serve hot, sprinkled with finely chopped greens and to the taste of each simple, or with boiled vegetables and meat;)

Good luck and good luck! ;)

The secret of chicken noodle soup from Transylvania

Noodle soup is the soup of our childhood, it is a soup that touches your soul in any circumstance. In summer it is a soup that hydrates you, in winter it warms your soul, during colds it heals you and reminds you of food at home. Chicken soup gives you vitamins and antibodies that strengthen your immunity.

A brief history of soup and noodles

This type of preparation has a long history and has been consumed since the sixth millennium BC. The first soup was made from hippopotamus meat. Since then and until now, all the peoples of the world have consumed this preparation and adapted it to the region where they come from.

In Romania, chicken soup has been used since ancient times to treat digestive diseases, colds, but also when a person is recovering. This type of food is easily digestible and therefore was also used for therapeutic purposes.

We know that soup is an ancient dish, but where do noodles come from? The first noodles were prepared in the land beside the Yellow River in China. They were then taken over by the Japanese, and slowly, slowly spread throughout the world. Noodles are a nutritious food that induces a state of satiety quickly, but are easily digestible.

What's the secret to a noodle soup like at home?

The secret lies in the ingredients used. First of all, the chicken you use must be of good quality. We recommend that you use the Transylvanian chicken from Petry.

The country chicken is tasty, raised organically, in nature, its meat is tender and does not contain hormones. Moreover, the fat from country chicken is the secret of a delicious soup.

Noodles must also be quality. They must taste like homemade noodles and be made from country eggs. At Petry you can find it homemade noodles with eight eggs, very delicious to put in soup.

To obtain a clear soup, it must be boiled over low heat for about 3 hours. In this way all the ingredients will release their flavor, and the preparation will be a delicious one with an aroma that will delight you. While the meat is cooking, its foam must be removed, otherwise it will become cloudy.

How do we prepare noodle soup?

For its preparation you will need a chickens. You can put it in the soup in pieces. The chest, back and wings, and the thighs can be used in another preparation. You also need a large yellow onion, 3 carrots, 1 parsnip, 1 small red bell pepper, a bunch of parsley leaves, salt and pepper to taste. The meat must be washed and cleaned of the remains of the feathers, it must be wiped with a clean kitchen towel to remove excess water.

Pour water, add the meat to the pot. Wait until it boils and foams. After you have made sure that you have removed all the foam and no more is formed, add the finely chopped vegetables. You can cut the onion into cubes, and the carrots and parsnips into rounds. The pepper should be finely chopped.

While it is boiling, add salt and pepper to taste. Do not use vegeta or other flavored soup cubes, as they will alter the unique and natural taste of this healthy chicken soup. In the last 6 minutes of cooking, add the noodles, after they have boiled, take the soup off the heat and add the freshly chopped parsley.

Now the soup is ready, you can feel its aroma in the whole kitchen, and an immense joy and nostalgia of childhood fill your soul. With your loved ones you are ready to taste it. The Petry team wishes you good luck.

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The benefits of clear soup

The main reason why patients consume clear soup is because it is part of their prescribed liquid diet. This is usually recommended for preoperative and postoperative patients with digestive problems.

According to Mayo Clinic, clear fluids are easily digested. They also eliminate the intestinal tract of undigested food and residues from solid foods. This makes it easier for doctors and surgeons to perform operations without interference. This can help patients recover, as solid foods can be difficult to digest after surgery.

Some patients with digestive problems may find relief from a temporary diet with clear soup. The symptoms of Crohn's disease, diverticulitis and other diseases related to the digestive tract can be alleviated when eating easily digestible foods, such as clear soup.

Clear soup can be made at home or purchased at most grocery stores. According to Harvard Health Publishing, patients with colonoscopy should stick to liquid foods such as clear broth the day before and the day after the procedure.


Although only the idea of ​​doing macarons It scares us, I tell you from the beginning that I am not at all difficult to do but we must keep in mind certain rules that if we do not follow them exactly we will not get a satisfactory result.

Although I've done it before macaroni recipe twice so far I really wanted to try them with Romanian ingredients to be sure that you will come out in case you want to try them. Almond flour in Italy is extremely fine and almonds are ground after being peeled. In Romania, almond flour is not so fine and almonds are ground with the peel (that's why their color will be darker). I bought almond flour Stilla Natura (100gr bag, red color) bought from Kaufland and Zahar powder Porcukor (blue bag of 500 gr) also from Kaufland.

The rules we talked about at the beginning are the following:

  1. The egg whites must be & # 8222 old & # 8221 for at least 3 days to get some beautiful and well-grown macarons.
  2. The egg whites are removed from the fridge 1-2 hours before we start working so that they reach room temperature.
  3. Powdered sugar must contain starch and be very finely ground. That's why I advise you to buy it and not make it at home.
  4. Powdered sugar and almond flour sift 2-3 times before adding them to the egg white meringue.
  5. To mix the egg whites correctly, always add a pinch of salt before mixing and grease the walls of the bowl in which we will mix them with the peel of a lemon. The bowl in which we will mix them must be perfectly clean and the egg whites must not contain any traces of yolk.
  6. Macarons can be colored using food coloring (I don't use colorants and I will never use them. I prefer a healthy taste instead of a nice look). You can use instead of food dyes, natural dyes such as matcha tea, saffron, cocoa, coffee, etc.
  7. After forming the macarons, we leave them at room temperature for 1 hour. After an hour we will notice that if we touch their surface it will be dry and slightly shiny.
  8. It would be perfect if we could use a convection oven or an electric oven to bake them.

These are the rules that must be followed to finally enjoy these wonderful sweets.

Clear soup with poultry and noodles. made by you

It seems to be somewhere between whimsy and culinary preciousness to make a clear soup. To work so much extra just to get transparency out of a meal. For some not at all appetizing precisely because of the lack of colors on the plate.

Fortunately, we don't all think so, otherwise we would have stuck to staples and that would have made the world a lot sadder.

It's a simple technique to get clear. There are only two things that I think matter here. Your patience and the age of the bird. It could take from two to eight hours to complete your work. In fact, it's not much work, it's just a long wait. In my case, I used turkey. Country. Loud. Old turkey. A thigh about the size of my leg and a piece of chest hard to beat. So I approached the upper limit of the waiting time. But it was fully worth it.

Below, for the ingredients, I will not specify the amount or parts of meat used (I estimate that in my case it was about a pound and a half of meat). For me, poultry soups or soups are made from rooster, chicken or turkey. These are my options, it doesn't mean it can't be made from duck, for example. Sure, but that's meat that deserves another treatment. Also, all parts of a bird can be used in a soup or broth. But that can make the difference between the two or eight hour limits I told you about earlier. The breast will always be the hardest to boil. If not done properly, it remains strong, strong and unconsumable.


  • poultry (see what I said above)
  • two whole onions, but revealed by the first layer of peel
  • a large bell pepper, washed, cut in half and peeled
  • 2-3 healthy carrots, whole, but clean
  • a parsnip root, without shell
  • a celery root (these can be very large, but here they should not weigh more than 80 grams), also cleaned
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic (optional)
  • a tight bunch of parsley
  • salt
  • You can find the noodle recipe here.

Wash the meat well and put it in a pot of cold water. The amount of water is very important. When you have to cook for hours, if it is not enough, the water will evaporate and will need to be constantly replaced (kiss with water as hot), but this is something that should be avoided from the start. That means putting a lot of water in from the beginning. How much? Depends. If you have about 4-5 hours of cooking, you will have to double the amount of water above the level of the meat.

When boiling, the rule is simple. There should always be water over the meat, at least a palm wide. Level that will increase even after the vegetables are added. If it still drops too much, that's it, add another cup of boiled water over it. It is important to do this as few times as possible. Not at all, if you could.

Put salt in the water from the beginning. Some of you may know the rule that salt prolongs cooking. In this case, the salt is even put at the beginning and this to help the foam coagulate. Also pay attention to how much salt you put, depending on the amount of water. An average (mine) would be a teaspoon shaved to 2.5 liters of water.

Furthermore, it would be ideal to be able to anticipate the cooking period of the meat. I'm not that good, so every time I pinch a small piece of meat straight from the pot to get an idea of ​​how long it has to be kept until it's ready. It's the most effective method. Especially when your chest is boiling.

The time when the vegetables are put, cleaned and washed, also depends on the number of cooking hours. Normally, if the boiling is lower, they should be put on after all the foam has been removed from the beginning. Let's say it would take about 30 minutes. But what do you do when you have to cook in 5 hours. Too bad they will become unusable later. And here's the trick, to turn these vegetables into a new food after they are removed from cooking. Do you know what cream soup can be made from them?

So everyone pens down, recap. Pot with plenty of cold water, the meat is put from the beginning, with salt, it starts from medium heat until it almost reaches the boiling point, after which it continues only with low heat. Remove the foam as well as possible, several times, add the whole but clean vegetables, including the parsley, tied with a thread / twine, take more foam if necessary, and when it is ready, turn off the heat, remove the meat, remove the vegetables, and pass all the juice through a double gauze material.

Boil the homemade noodles separately and then add them to the soup after rinsing.

Ingredients meringue perfect recipe

  • 100 grams of raw egg white (about 3 egg whites)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 100 grams of fine caster sugar
  • 100 grams of vanilla powdered sugar (from the trade & # 8211 if not vanilla, add to the list of ingredients and 1 sachet of vanilla sugar)
  • 1 teaspoon of vinegar

The perfect recipe for meringue preparation

Ingredients for meringues and weighing them

In general, we tend to think of the meringue recipe in fairly rough terms. "Egg meringues" or "3 egg white meringues", only, of course, the eggs are big and small and it is quite unlikely to find in two eggs exactly the same amount of egg white. Likewise, many of us are left with the idea that meringues need a "double amount of sugar", without thinking about whose double it will be.

This is how we came to compare apples to pears and consider that twice the amount of an egg white would mean 2 tablespoons of sugar, although the mass (weight) of an egg white will never coincide with the weight of sugar in a tablespoon. I don't even mention that the spoons are also of different sizes!

This wrong approach leads to the failure of one of the simplest confectionery recipes such as meringue. The ingredients for the meringue recipe must be weighed . In fact, the image above clearly demonstrates how wrong it is to measure these ingredients for volumetric meringues. In the bowls above are 100 grams of egg white, caster sugar and powdered sugar. It is obvious how different the volume it occupies is. And yes, we have double the amount of sugar compared to the amount of egg white, 100 grams of egg white, 100 grams of caster sugar and 100 grams of commercially available powdered sugar.

Before we begin

1. Prepare the composition for the meringues very quickly, so you can start the oven from the beginning, setting it at 100 ° C. Ventilation is helpful in the case of meringues, it will contribute to their faster drying. We also prepare two trays, laying them with baking paper.

2. Sift through a fine sieve the powdered sugar used for the meringues, collecting it on a sheet of baking paper. Thus, we make sure that it is very fine, without sugar granules gathered together.

Preparation of the composition

3. Put the egg white in the bowl of the mixer, which must be very clean, degreased and dry. Be careful, no drop of yolk should reach the egg white, otherwise it will not beat well! We add 1 pinch of salt, ie as much fine salt as we can catch between the shelves, the pointer and the ring. Salt is for taste, even desserts contain a drop of salt, which balances their taste.

4. Beat the egg whites with the mixer on high speed until they increase in volume and form a white foam, like soft snow.

5. We start to add the caster sugar, while the mixer is beating at high speed. We will add the sugar gradually, in three tranches.

The role of vinegar (acid) in obtaining a stable meringue

6. After the first slice of sugar added, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Vinegar (or another acid, such as potassium bitartrate) helps to form a strong protein network in the beaten egg white, allowing a greater amount of air to accumulate and helping to obtain a much more stable foam than we could have obtained. without it. Don't worry, the taste of the vinegar is not felt in the meringues in the end.

7. Beat the egg whites with the sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved. We can try by taking a little foam on the finger and gently rubbing the thumbs with the index finger, the sugar crystals should no longer be felt. The meringue obtained is glossy and forms "beaks", as seen in the image below. We don't beat more than that, because the meringue will dry and the meringues will no longer be smooth on the surface and compact.

8. Once the meringue is obtained, we are going to add the powdered sugar. We start the mixer at low / medium speed and pour the powdered sugar into the meringue composition, using the baking paper we sifted, folded in half. We only mix until the powdered sugar is incorporated, this will take less than 1 minute.

9. After adding powdered sugar, the composition for meringues is glossy and tends to stretch easily.

10. Mix a few times with a flexible spatula, only vertically (as in a sponge cake), just enough to make sure that there is no powdered sugar left unmixed in our meringue. The consistency of the meringue composition can be seen below, it is firm, retains its shape and is at the same time quite elastic. Immediately, we transfer the whole composition into a pocket to which we have attached a medium-sized dui, with a star-shaped opening.

Forming and baking meringues

11. In the tray, it is good to fix the sheet of baking paper by spraying a little of the composition of meringues at the corners, especially if we use ventilation for baking. The meringues are very light and the last thing we want is for the baking paper to start flying through the oven. After fixing it, we spread the meringues on the baking paper, of equal size as possible. The ones in the tray shown in the image below have a base diameter of about 5 cm and a height of about 3.5 cm.

12. An alternative to fixing the baking paper with the meringue composition is to place some weights on its edges. For example, two table knives, as you can see in the picture below. The meringues in this second tray have a slightly different shape, are wider (about 6 cm) and not as high (about 2.5-3 cm).

13. As soon as I formed them, I put both trays with meringues in the preheated oven at 100 ° C. I baked the meringues for 2 hours. After every 30 minutes I changed the trays between them (the bottom one up and vice versa). In the end, they changed color very little, dried out and kept their perfect shape. I let them cool well in the pan and then stored them in the pantry, in a box with a lid that closes tightly. Thus, it lasts even a month, without changing its shape, taste or texture. The "enemy" of meringues is moisture. If moist air enters them, it will simply dissolve them. If they are well kept, you can enjoy them for a long time. They are delicious simple, as a decoration or ingredient of other desserts.

The meringues are crispy, well dried inside, only this way they will keep well. If, however, you add them to a dessert with cream, they will soften quickly, becoming frothy and sticky again. May it be useful to you!

Chicken soup with noodles

I don't always manage to get a chicken, raised like my grandmother and not with all kinds of fodder in which all kinds of nonsense are put. But I tried not to give her chickens from the trade at least in the first years of Mogâlța's life. By and large I succeeded. Until one year I did not give it at all, and between one and two years very rarely.

I've been kindergarten since I was two years old and it's hard for me to believe that I give her chickens or poultry there. And even we took it from the trade when we didn't have it from the country. All in all, I wanted to say that, in my opinion, the best soup is the one made from country chicken. And I know a lot of people take vegetables out of the soup to make it as clear and clear as possible, but I prefer it to be with lots and lots of vegetables.

I made chicken soup for Mogâldea from the age of seven months, when I introduced meat to diversification. At that time we boiled the meat in a pot and then divided it in two - one for us, one for her. I didn't put onions or salt at the beginning. Then, around 8-9 months, I just added the onion to the boil and then I took it out. After a year, I started cooking for the whole family in one pot, with all the onions, all with salt (which I gradually put in the food, little by little).

Okay, as you are already used to, and I talked for a long time :). I used it like this:

  • 1 country chicken (I boiled a whole one, because I made two dishes)
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 large parsnip
  • 1 parsley root
  • 1 celery not very big
  • 2 onions
  • 2 good noodle hands (Grandma scolds me for not doing homework, I promised to do it, but I still haven't got it. But I'll do it, I just promised)
  • parsley, salt, water (it's also very good with pepper, but I don't put it. He puts it on the table, the two of us prefer without).

Cut the chicken into pieces as small as possible and boil it in cold salted water. Grandma says the soup comes out clearer that way. It's never very clear to me, because I didn't set a goal for it. Therefore, I do not slip it, it is not so important for me to be clear. I make sure I take the foam well and that's it.

Until the chicken is well cooked, chop the vegetables as small as possible. Less the onion I put whole. That's how I like it. I know there are a lot of people who leave them whole, but I should chop them up afterwards for Mogâlde anyway, so I do this from the beginning, for everyone. Another thing I do is leave meat in the soup, even though I know a lot of people take it out.

When the meat is cooked, I add the vegetables. I don't let them boil for a long time, about 20 minutes, because, as I said before, I take into account the pediatrician's advice. I boil the noodles directly in the soup, but if you want the soup to be clear, clear, I advise you to boil them separately. Add more salt if necessary and then chop the greens. This is all. It's wonderful and I do it especially when we're cold. I mean often.

Tongue soup and beef tail with homemade noodles VIDEO

A beef tongue & # 8211
A beef tail & # 8211
If you have, you can also put a beef knee
4 large carrots
2 parsley
2 onions
1 celery
A piece of gulia or a small one
A bunch of parsley leaves
homemade noodles or you can make semolina dumplings

I washed the meat well and boiled it in cold water. I frothed and when the meat was half cooked, I put the vegetables and salt to taste. I left it until the tongue and meat were well cooked. I strained, added more salt to taste and boiled the homemade noodles.

I put it on the plate, I put chopped parsley leaves on top and a pepper powder. Good appetite.

The tongue is peeled from such hot skins and from it a series of preparations can be made: from the tongue with olive top and to the tongue with garlic or tomato sauce, or bread tongue. We'll talk about that another time.

Homemade Noodle Ingredients per minute

  • 2 eggs
  • 70-75 grams of flour (depends on the quality of the flour)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • optional, 1 grated nutmeg knife tip

Quick homemade noodles needed for cooking

  • 1 bowl
  • 1 pear-shaped tel
  • a disposable pouch or a sturdy plastic bag
  • 2-2½ liters of soup or salt water (if you serve them as homemade pasta and prepare several portions, be sure to use a larger pot with at least 4 liters of water)
  • 1 large sieve

Homemade noodles per minute video recipe

Step by step preparation & # 8211 recipe (printable)

Homemade noodle dough per minute

1. Break whole eggs in a bowl, add salt and, optionally, grated nutmeg. Beat with a pear-shaped target until liquefied.

2. Gradually add the flour, stirring constantly and vigorously, taking care not to have lumps in the composition. Finally, the dough should be homogeneous and silky, slightly thicker than the pancake dough.

3. Transfer the entire contents of the bowl to a disposable bag or heavy-duty bag, taking care not to form air gaps in the dough. Twist the free ends of the bag, closing it tightly. Cut a 4-5 mm wide opening with scissors.

Boil the noodles with the bag

1. On the fire, in a large pot, the soup (or pasta water) should boil in small pots when we are done with the dough.

2. Pour through the opening that we cut the bags 5-6 spirals of dough, wait a few seconds until it rises to the surface, then catch the noodles already scalded with a sieve and pull them aside in the pot. We don't lift them out of the soup, we just isolate the noodles aside, so that they don't come in contact with the raw dough that we will continue to pour.

3. Do not pour more noodle dough at once and do not pour a new portion of raw dough until we have isolated the noodles already cooked in a sieve. Thus, there will be no risk of them sticking to each other.

4. Continue identically until we run out of dough in the bag. Boil in small pots for a maximum of 2 minutes, the noodles are cooked practically instantly, contain very little flour and are very fresh.

Serve homemade noodles per minute & # 8211 for soup or pasta

If you have prepared the noodles for the soup, turn off the heat. If desired, boiled vegetables and chopped parsley can be added to the soup and served immediately.

For homemade pasta, drain these homemade noodles quickly from the water in which they boiled. Then add sauces, cheese, etc., and serve hot.

Children's favorite foods. 5 healthy and tasty recipes for the little ones

The most demanding are clearly the children. And housewives know best how hard it is to reconcile goat and cabbage and find something that pleases them, but is nutritious. Below are 5 recipes that will help you at the holiday meals to satisfy their hunger and to know for sure that they are saturated.

Foods preferred by the little ones. 5 healthy and nutritious recipes

Soup with dumplings
Many children do not like the thought of having to eat soup / soup in the main course, but mothers know how important it is, so most prefer to make soup with dumplings because it has nutritious ingredients and the little ones no longer have to remove vegetables from it. , as most do.

Baked chicken schnitzel
To reconcile everyone, serve them snails in a healthier form in the oven. No prince refuses him.

  • ingredients
    800 grams of boneless chicken breast
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    1/4 cup white flour
    2 large beaten eggs
    1 lemon
    2 cups breadcrumbs
    olive oil
    2 tablespoons butter
    1 small chopped onion
    1/4 cup finely chopped herbs (dill, parsley, chives)

Appetizer check
If you don't know what to put on the table for an aperitif and you know that many of the dishes around the holidays such as: homemade sausages, drumsticks or lebar are too heavy for them, an appetizer cake is all you need.

  • 200 g chopped olives
    200 g grated cheese
    200 g meat / sausage (optional)
    150 g muros gogosar
    150 g flour
    6 eggs
    4 tablespoons oil
    1-1 / 2 teaspoon baking powder

Macaroni and cheese
If none of the little ones love heavy dishes prepared for adults such as: pork stew, fatty steaks or sarmale, a portion of macaroni cheese will be sure to their taste.

  • ingredients
    600 g of pasta
    ½ packet of butter
    ½ small onion, finely chopped
    1 cup of milk
    100 g of cottage cheese
    ½ box of natural cream cheese
    100 g of fat cow fat
    1 tablespoon grated cheese
    1 teaspoon salt
    A knife tip of ground white pepper

Homemade pizza
What kid doesn't love pizza? Yes, it is a holiday and the food specific to the period goes far from the famous pizza, but it is the rescue of housewives at any time. She has healthy, nutritious ingredients, she is loved by children and she will definitely end a perfect dinner for them.

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