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Greyston, New York’s Invaluable ‘Social Enterprise’ Bakery and Brownie Supplier to Ben & Jerry’s, Is Hosting Its Annual Gala on June 15

Greyston, New York’s Invaluable ‘Social Enterprise’ Bakery and Brownie Supplier to Ben & Jerry’s, Is Hosting Its Annual Gala on June 15

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Proceeds will be used to help Greyston in its mission of providing jobs and community support for Yonkers residents in need

Since opening in 1982, Greyston’s ‘open hiring’ commitment has provided jobs to some of the country’s most difficult-to-employ individuals, regardless of their past social or employment history.

On Wednesday, June 15, Greyston Bakery in Yonkers, New York, will host its annual gala to raise money for its long-running work in community building, centered around the principal of “open hiring.”

The bakery, which opened in 1982, is known for making incredible brownies that you’ve probably seen in Whole Foods, or any Ben & Jerry’s flavor that calls for brownies — like the Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Half-Baked. More important, however, is Greyston’s hiring process, which is based on its mission to provide jobs and job training to individuals with limited employment prospects, or those struggling to escape poverty. Since opening more than 30 years ago, Greyston has hired employees regardless of their history, whether that includes homelessness, prior jail time, or drug use.

The bakery’s employment opportunities are particularly critical in the Southwest Yonkers neighborhood it calls home, where 18.5 percent of employees live below the poverty line, compared to the national level of 14.5 percent, and where 25.5 percent of residents do not have their high school diploma, compared to 15.4 percent of New York state residents.

During this year’s benefit gala at X20 Xaviars on the Hudson, Greyston will honor two Yonkers residents who have demonstrated exemplary service to the community: Sobeida Cruz, founder of the Charter School of Educational Excellence, and the former Vice President for Environmental Justice at the New York Power Authority; and Ken Jenkins, a Westchester County Legislator currently serving his fourth term and the president and CEO of the Yonkers Industrial Development Association, which promotes local job growth.

Tickets to the Greyston Annual Gala, Celebrate Yonkers!, as well as sponsorship opportunities, are available for purchase now. If you are unable to attend the gala, you may also make a donation in any amount you choose.

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