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Stuffed mini baguettes

Stuffed mini baguettes

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Mini baguette recipe stuffed with of 25-10-2016 [Updated on 18-11-2016]

Stuffed mini baguettes are my second experiment using Schär gluten free products. Nothing could be simpler, the bread is emptied, filled with a mixture made with eggs, cream, cheese and pieces of bacon, baked and voilà, here's one ready appetizing appetizer to bring to the table. I had never tasted a Gluten-free bread, I must say that this is very good and then with this filling it has an extra gear, don't you think? Well girls this morning I'm going very fast, so I'll leave you with the recipe of the day and run away, but we read in the afternoon with another monstrous sweet, kisses: *


How to make stuffed mini baguettes

Score the top of the baguettes, forming a rectangle, and remove the excess crumb.

In a bowl, mix together the eggs, cream, salt, bacon and asiago, all cut into cubes.

Slowly pour the mixture that you have obtained into the baguettes.

Cover with julienne cheese.

Bake in the oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes, or until the filling is set and the surface is golden.
Serve your stuffed mini baguettes hot.

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