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Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

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Chicken Burger Recipe of 02-04-2020

The Chicken Burger they are one of the most classic of light second courses ... but have you ever tried to make them at home? I assure you that it is not difficult and moreover it is very comfortable whenever it happens, as in this period of forced seclusion, that you cannot go shopping often. All you need is a little chicken breast to start from and voilà, that's it: in a few minutes you will have Chicken Burger light and tasty, versatile (because you can flavor them with herbs and spices of your choice, as well as with additions such as dried fruit or vegetables), ready to cook or even for the freezer, so that next time they are ready to use.
In short, I hope to have given you another small idea for an activity to do during the quarantine (prepare extra burgers and freeze them), as well as a useful idea to prepare some very tasty homemade burgers ;)


How to make chicken burgers

First of all, with a little caution and a good blade, chop the chicken with a knife: cut it into slices (if you start from the whole breast), then into strips and then into smaller and smaller pieces.

Put your home-made minced chicken in a bowl with Parmesan cheese, flavorings to taste (garlic and rosemary, pepper and pistachios, onion and curry, thyme and paprika, spices for roasts ... the choice is yours: in this case I have used only a little pepper) and a pinch of salt, and mix.

Divide the mixture into 4-5 equal parts (depending on the thickness you prefer) and compact each burger well with a 10 cm pastry cutter.

Heat a good non-stick pan or a grill pan (if you want you can add a little oil), then cook the burgers over medium heat, 4-5 minutes on the first side, 3-4 minutes on the second.

The chicken burgers are ready: serve them with a little salad or even the classic burger bun if you prefer.

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