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Sweet hummus

Sweet hummus

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L'sweet hummus it is a cream with a strong and intense flavor, perfect spread on bread or eaten as a spoon dessert. This is the sweet version of the classic Middle Eastern Hummus, this dessert in fact has a base of boiled chickpeas that are blended together with cocoa, coconut oil, sugar. At first glance it might seem strange to find chickpeas in a dessert, but frankly, after trying the bean and the aqua faba, nothing scares me anymore: P And in fact this is also very special sweet hummus did not disappoint me, proving to be very creamy and spicy at the right point ... try it to believe;)


How to make sweet hummus

Soak the chickpeas the night before if you want to dry them, and cook them the next day for about 40 minutes, otherwise use the already cooked chickpeas.

Blend everything together in a blender, the boiled and drained chickpeas, the coconut oil, the brown sugar, the cocoa, the salt and the vanilla, adding the coconut milk last.

Once blended, put the sweet hummus in the cups and serve with a sprinkling of grated log on the surface, perhaps accompanying it with toast or biscuits.

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