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Panna cotta with coffee

Panna cotta with coffee

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Coffee panna cotta recipe by of 19-05-2012 [Updated on 31-05-2016]

Panna cotta is one of those jolly desserts to prepare when you have very little time but do not want to give up preparing a dessert to be served at the end of the meal. In this version I have prepared the panna cotta with the addition of coffee so as to serve the cake and the cup of coffee in one shot :) You can garnish the coffee panna cotta with flakes or chocolate topping or with a sprinkling of bitter cocoa but also nature is just fine. Happy Saturday to those who pass by and we read on Monday, obviously with a new sweet, and what a sweet;)


How to make coffee panna cotta

Prepare a large coffee machine.
Soften the isinglass in a bowl with cold water for about ten minutes.

In a saucepan, simmer a vanilla pod with the milk and cream
Lift the vanilla pod and add the coffee and sugar.

Turn off the heat, add the squeezed gelatin sheets and mix.

Pour the mixture into 6 single-portion molds.
Allow to cool then put the panna cotta in the fridge to harden for at least 4 hours.

Now serve the coffee panna cotta by turning the molds upside down on a plate and garnishing with chocolate flakes.

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