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Nougat Of The Dead

Nougat Of The Dead

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Nougat of the dead recipe of 30-10-2009 [Updated on 30-05-2016]

In Italy it is traditional to prepare sweets in the days of the dead, each region has its own typical preparations of these days which are usually sweets. Today I want to give you the recipe for a very particular typical Neapolitan dessert; in Naples it is a tradition that on November 2nd one buys or gives himself nougat, the so-called "nougat of the dead".
The nougat of the dead is very different from the classic nougat based on honey and almonds, this nougat is soft and creamy and is made with a chocolate shell filled with chocolate, coffee, almond creams, enriched with dried and candied fruit. This nougat can be found in Naples in all the pastry shops and stalls of the city in the days leading up to November 2 and can be bought cut into slices.
This year instead of buying it, I decided to prepare it myself and to give it to my family following Elena's recipe.
As a first preparation of homemade nougat of the dead I chose to make a two flavors nougat with the two flavors of nougat that I like best, gianduia with whole hazelnuts (the most famous and sold among the nougat flavors) and almond cream with chopped almonds.
The mold for the nougat, the extracts to prepare the nougat and the alba cream (a preparation made with vegetable fats, sugar, milk and flavorings that serves to soften the chocolate; it is used in various confectionery preparations as well as for the preparation of chocolates ) you can find them in the shops that sell items for sweets as an alternative to the alba cream you can use Nutella and instead of the classic nougat mold you can use a silicone plumcake mold.
Well, I just have to wish you a good weekend and I hope this typical Neapolitan recipe has satisfied your request for a chocolaty dessert: P

  • Doses for 1 nougat of 1.2 kg:
  • Ingredients for the almond nougat flavor:
  • Ingredients for the gianduia nougat flavor:
  • ingredients for the cover


How to make nougat of the dead

All you need to prepare a nougat with flakes is what you see in the picture.

Melt the dark chocolate in a double boiler.

Pour a few spoonfuls of chocolate into the nougat mold. Spread it evenly in the mold and allow to solidify.
As soon as it is dry, repeat the operation by brushing more chocolate. Continue with this operation until the chocolate is used up in order to have a uniform thickness.

After coating the chocolate layer, start preparing the first nougat flavor
Melt white chocolate in a double boiler.
As soon as it is melted, add 100 g of pasta alba and mix.

Now add the almond paste while continuing to mix until a homogeneous cream is obtained.

Remove from the heat and add the chopped almonds and mix.

Pour the almond cream into the nougat of the dead mold.

Refrigerate until solidified, meanwhile prepare the other flavor for the nougat.
Melt the hazelnut chocolate in a bain-marie, as soon as it is completely melted, add 100 g of alba cream and then the gianduia cream.

Remove from the heat and add the hazelnuts. Mix everything.

Pour the gianduia flavor into the mold.

Put the nougat of the dead in the fridge for a couple of hours to solidify.
After the two hours have elapsed, the edge of the mold must be thoroughly cleaned, so that the air can pass between the chocolate and the mold, so that it can come off easily (Elena Docet).

Only after this operation, remove the excess chocolate from the edges and turn the nougat of the dead on a serving dish.

Cut the nougat into slices and serve. Note the soft double-flavored interior :)

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