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Strawberry caipiroska

Strawberry caipiroska

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Strawberry Caipiroska Recipe by of 07-07-2013 [Updated on 07-07-2013]

The strawberry caipiroska is a summer cocktail that I love, this recipe is a variation of the caipirinha, the famous Brazilian cocktail made with cachaça liqueur, lime and brown sugar. Every now and then, in addition to cooking, I enjoy being a barman preparing cocktails for all tastes and this is my last experiment, I wish you a good Sunday, hello everyone;)


How to make strawberry caipiroska

Wash the lime and cut it into small pieces, wash the strawberries, remove the stalk and also cut them into cubes

Put the lime and sugar in a cocktail glass

With a pestle, pound to mix the ingredients, then add the strawberries and continue and pound until the strawberries are pureed

Put the ice in a food bag and chop it, then add it to the glass

Finally pour the vodka into the glass

Mix and serve the strawberry caipiroska

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