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Jungle Book Cake

Jungle Book Cake

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Jungle Book Cake Recipe of 05-09-2016 [Updated on 06-07-2018]

Hello, here I am after a week to show you the birthday cake that I made this year for Elisa's fifth birthday. She, like her mother, is a great lover of animals, in particular Elisa loves cats and after a phase in which she was crazy only for everything that was in the shape of a cat, now she has started to take an interest in big cats, in particular to the panthers. In fact, his favorite plush as I told you the other day, is a black panther cub, baghera. This year, therefore, after having first become passionate about the book, then the cartoon and finally the film, she decided that her birthday cake would have as its theme Mowgli and the Jungle Book.
After showing her various examples of cake, among the various ones found on the internet, she decided which one I should be inspired by. From the beginning I had suspected that it would not be easy, also because the characters were many and all quite complicated to make, but I trusted in the artistic skills of my sister and my brother-in-law and I was sure they would do the impossible to satisfy the request. of their granddaughter.
What I didn't know, however, is that the universe would have rowed against me, giving me a lot of trouble. When, like every year, a week before we decided to start preparing the decorations, I discovered that all the sugar paste loaves I had in the pantry had literally petrified. So I went around Naples and the surrounding area to find a sweet shop open, but not even to talk about it, so I made a flash order on amazon and we started a couple of nights later.
Unfortunately the sugar paste that I ordered (the only one available with shipping in 24 hours) was a real disaster, during processing it oozed and "softened" continuously. The first and only character made on the first evening was in fact the snake kah who at first had a straight neck, but as the minutes passed it began to soften, tapering his body more and more. I won't tell you the next evening when we tried to make the palms, (yes, there must also have been the palms with the chariots on the cake and Elisa had also worked hard to make them, also adding those typical holes on the surface these fruits, imagine) nothing could have skewers, toothpicks stuck everywhere etc ... After a general hysterical crisis, I had to make a drastic decision, I could not disappoint Elisa, and I was sure that continuing to work that pasta the characters would not be never looked as beautiful as she wanted them, so I overturned the situation by buying on Amazon (holy Amazon) plastic characters of thejungle book very good facts that I have arrived in extremis to save me from the disappointment that I would have given to my little star. So we focused on the frangipani flowers and the little leaves and peace!
It was a hard defeat for me, but at least Elisa got the birthday cake she wanted so much and it doesn't matter if the characters can't be eaten this year;)
Well friends I leave you to the recipe with all the photos and the steps to make this one two-story cake covered in sugar paste with a jungle book theme, hoping it will come in handy to make the birthday cake for one of your children. A kiss and good Monday and like every year, at the end of the article, you will find a photo of the little birthday girl with her mother and her papy;)


How to make the jungle book cake

Start by preparing the 3 cakes (2 with a diameter of 24 cm and one with a diameter of 18 cm) that will serve as a base following the instructions given here.

Now let's start preparing the white chocolate custard (go to the recipe)

Divide the 2 24 cm cakes in half

Place the first disc of dough on a cutting board covered with parchment paper, then fill it with a veil of cream
Level until you have an even layer.
Place the second disc on the filling, and continue to alternate a disc of cake with the filling. Press lightly on the surface of the cake to distribute the filling evenly. Finally, place in the fridge.

Now switch to the 18 cm cake
Divide the cake into 3 layers by cutting it horizontally
Whip the cream, always cold from the fridge, add the Nutella and mix with a gentle movement, from bottom to top.

Place the first layer of cake on a plate and fill it
Proceed in this way by alternating a disc of dough with one of filling. Here too, exert a slight pressure on the surface to distribute the filling evenly. Then put in the fridge to harden.

Whip the cold cream from the fridge and use it to cover the two cakes.

And finally we move on to assemble and decorate the sugar paste cake
Roll out the sugar paste to obtain a fairly thin layer
Line the 24 cm cake with the sugar paste, make it adhere well and cut out the excess along the edges.

Then insert 4 sticks to support cakes in the center of the cake (you can find them in shops that sell cake items), which will support the weight of the second floor.
Cut the sticks at the level of the cake, cover them with a thin layer of cream then place the tray and cover it with cream so that the cake adheres to it.

Line the 18 cm cake with the sugar paste and cut out the edges well too

Then gently place the second floor on top of the first.

Now make a fence around the 2 cakes with cigarette cookies cut at various heights, making it adhere to the pdz

Finish the decoration by attaching the leaves and the sugar paste flowers made previously with food glue.

Finally, position the subjects
And here is the mowglin cake and the jungle book ready

And here is a photo of my Elisa with me and Ivano: D

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