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Oreo cupcake recipe video

Oreo cupcake recipe video

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Recipe Video recipe Oreo cupcake by Flavia Imperatore of 26-05-2015 [Updated on 30-11-2015]

In this video recipe I will prepare the oreo cupcaks!
These are delicious sweets that have a whole oreo biscuit at the base, on which a chocolate mixture is then poured and once cooked in the appropriate cups, they are filled with a truly delicious cream based on butter and oreo! Those who love these American biscuits, well know how tasty these biscuits can be by themselves, then imagine them inside the cupcakes and the filling!
A true triumph of gluttony, perfect for giving us a special cuddle!


How to make Oreo cupcakes

For the Oreo buttercream:

Video: Oreo Cupcakes. SweetTreats (January 2023).