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Oreo ice cream roll

Oreo ice cream roll

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Oreo ice cream roll recipe by of 31-05-2018 [Updated on 04-06-2018]

L'Oreo ice cream roll it is definitely the dessert you have never tried before today! I came up with the recipe after reading that an Oreo ice cream roll, "Oreo Ice Cream Roll", was released in the United States. Since its release is not at all planned in Italy and Europe, could I ever leave you without the possibility of tasting this brand new and very tasty ice cream?
Done and devoured in a second, I'm sure this will be there ice cream cake queen of my summer.
This morning I'm leaving for Milan, just a hit and run because tomorrow night I'll be back in my Naples for the first day of the Pizza Village. So I leave you to this gluttony and I'm going to embark, kisses: ***


How to make the Oreo ice cream roll

Start whipping the cold cream from the fridge in a bowl.
Then add the vanilla essence, the rum and the condensed milk.
Mix everything gently with movements that go from the bottom up.

In a mixer, chop half a dose of biscuits.
Also add them to the bowl and mix gently.

Then move the mixture into the food film covered with a sheet of aluminum paper and shape it into a roll.
Transfer to the freezer for 1 hour.

Remove the cream inside the remaining Oreos and blend them in the mixer.
Sprinkle the cookie powder on a work surface.

Cover the entire surface of the roll and wrap it in aluminum foil.
Put it back in the freezer, this time for 4 hours.

Your Oreo Ice Cream Roll is ready to be enjoyed.

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