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Halloween sandwiches

Halloween sandwiches

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Halloween Sandwiches Recipe of 31-10-2019

THE Halloween sandwiches are a cute idea to serve a classic hamburger sandwich to your children (or, why not, your friends) during, of course, a Halloween themed evening. These are very normal sandwiches with burgers, however, assembled in a particular way so that they look like alien heads or scary (and very, very funny) monsters. The recipe, therefore, is very simple, you just have to follow the instructions to create teeth and eyes et voilà, Halloween sandwiches ready!


How to make Halloween sandwiches

First, cook the burgers by grilling them on both sides on a very hot grill pan.
Cooking times will vary a little according to the type of meat and the thickness of the burgers: usually about ten minutes is enough, but evaluate according to the degree of cooking you like.
Once the burgers are cooked, cut the sandwiches and lightly toast the cut sides on the same grill pan.

Cook the bacon, always on the grill, on both sides until crispy.
Open the slices, combine them two by two and with a knife cut out one end to obtain a zig zag pattern, which will simulate the teeth of your monstrous sandwiches.

Then start assembling the sandwiches: put the bases of each sandwich on a plate and add the salad and hamburger, then add the bacon and the slices on top, taking care to place it so that the teeth protrude.
Finally, add some ketchup.

Finally, also fill the pitted olives with ketchup and skewer them with toothpicks to create the eyes of your Halloween sandwiches.

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