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Cold rice with peppers

Cold rice with peppers

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Recipe Cold rice with peppers of 28-07-2016 [Updated on 28-07-2016]

Cold rice with peppers is arice salad a bit special and full of flavor! To the already tasty pieces of peppers browned in a pan, I added mushrooms in oil, black olives and spicy provolone, so I got an amazing mix of flavors. Compared to other rice salads that I have prepared lately where I preferred fresh vegetables, cherry tomatoes and corn, in this dish I wanted to use a little more decisive flavors.
Maybe if the peppers are a bit indigestible, don't prepare it to take it to the sea, as a beach lunch, but those with a strong stomach will certainly appreciate the dish that could be a fresh and tasty lunch;)
I'll leave you with the recipe and I'm going to start my day, but not without having taken another coffee;) Basins to those who pass by here


How to make cold pepper rice

Rinse the rice under running water, then cook it in a pot with plenty of boiling salted water. Drain it al dente and let it cool.

In the meantime, wash and peel the pepper, cut it into squares and sauté it in a pan for about ten minutes, after having browned the garlic with a drizzle of oil. Add salt and let it cool.

Combine the rice, peppers, mushrooms and pitted olives in a bowl.

Mix gently, then add the diced provolone cheese and mix.

Let the cold pepper rice rest in the fridge for 1 hour before serving.

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