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Tagliolini with salmon

Tagliolini with salmon

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Recipe Tagliolini with salmon from of 03-10-2014 [Updated on 11-04-2018]

Tagliolini with salmon with almonds and lemon are a simple, fresh and delicate dish, although autumn has already begun, here in Naples the climate is still mild and it still makes me want to prepare dishes with a summer flavor. Despite the simplicity of this recipe, the mix of flavors between fresh salmon and lemon will make you bring to the table a tasty and refined first course, Ivano also liked it, and this says a lot about the goodness of the dish;) My friends I would not like say it too loudly, but Elisa has been going to school for 2 days without crying, we hope she has unlocked herself so as to continue this path peacefully, thanks for listening to "my complaints" from an anxious mother without judging, you have been very dear to me. I leave you with the recipe for fresh salmon tagliolini and I throw myself back into my paperwork, kisses: *


How to make Tagliolini with salmon

Remove the skin from the salmon fillet then cut into cubes.

Heat the butter and the oil in the pan, then add the salmon and brown it over medium heat for a few minutes.

Add the lemon juice and peel and the sliced ​​almonds, mix and season with salt.

Cook the tagliolini in abundant salted water, drain and pour them into the pan with the sauce.

Add the chives and sauté a couple of minutes to bind the sauce.

Serve the salmon noodles with almonds and lemon on plates garnished with almonds and chopped chives.

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