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The guacamole (from ahuacato = avocado, in Aztec, and molli = sauce) is the famous one Mexican Sauce whose origin dates back to the Aztec tradition. There original recipe guacamole included a simple puree of avocado combined with lime juice and salt (also essential to avoid oxidation of the fruit), prepared solely with the use of molcajete (a typical Mexican mortar and pestle). Today instead the guacamole sauce is enriched with additional ingredients that make it even tastier! Served as an appetizer accompanied bytortilla chips, but also spread on bread or used on meat or fish dishes, this sauce has exceptional nutritional properties and making it at home is really easy. In fact, last week I organized a family dinner based on Mexican recipes and I could not do it, but I chose the version with the addition of tomato (also because this is how I usually tasted it) and found it delicious. Luckily I found a ripe avocado at the right point in the supermarket where I usually restock and I prepared this dish which is a true icon of Mexican cuisine, conquering everyone with its fresh and particular flavor :) I'm still on vacation and I'm not 100% operational so sorry if not I'll reply to your messages, I'll catch up next week, I promise! Kisses to everyone and good day, I'm going to enjoy another day at the beach;)


How to make guacamole

Cut the avocado in half and with the help of a knife remove the central core

With the help of a spoon, extract all the pulp and put it in a bowl together with the lime juice and the chopped cumin seeds.

Cut the onion and tomato into small pieces
Add them to the avocado pulp along with a pinch of salt and pound everything until you get a smooth sauce.

Then put the sauce in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to ensure that all the flavors blend well.

Your guacamole sauce is ready to be served as an appetizer alongside the tacos

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