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Ricotta omelette

Ricotta omelette

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Ricotta omelette recipe of 19-03-2019

There ricotta omelette it is a surprising recipe, with the rich taste of eggs diluted by the delicate one of cheese. The basil aroma, then, certainly gives us an edge, sweetening everything and spreading a wonderful scent during cooking. If you have had ricotta in the fridge for a couple of days, this recipe is perfect for consuming it. If, on the other hand, like me, you will use freshly bought ricotta, I recommend letting it rest for at least 15 minutes on a fine mesh sieve, or lined with a clean cloth, so as to make it lose the whey.
This is yours omelette it will be soft and light. I opted for oven cooking, which is longer but less heavy: if you prefer, you can cook it in a pan like a normal omelette.
In any case, as always, if you try my recipe let me know what you think ;-)


How to make ricotta omelette

First put the ricotta to drain in a tightly meshed colander for at least 10-15 minutes, so as to make it lose any serum and make it less watery.
Beat the eggs until they are slightly frothy on the surface, then add the ricotta (after passing it through the colander, in order to make it more creamy) and mix

Also add Parmesan, salt, pepper and chopped basil and mix well, until you get a cream without lumps.

Grease the mold with oil, pour the mixture into it and cook for about 30 minutes at 180 ° C in a preheated static oven.

The ricotta omelette is ready, serve it hot, lukewarm or even cold if you prefer.

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