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Mushroom meadow

Mushroom meadow

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Carrots, chestnuts and potatoes are boiled in salted water. After boiling and cooling, put them on the grater with large holes, putting them in separate bowls, each. Grate the cheese and eggs and put each separated. The chest is cut into cubes.

In a pot put a foil over which the mushrooms are placed with the hat down. Put the greens between the mushrooms then a layer of grated potatoes. Level with the back of the spoon and press a little. Season with salt and pepper, then add 50 g of mayonnaise. Follow in order the grated carrots, cheese and another 50 g of mayonnaise.

Grated eggs are mixed with the breast and the remaining mayonnaise is seasoned and the last layer is placed over which we tighten the edges of the foil. Let the salad cool for a few hours.

When we take it out of the fridge, we open the foil and place the salad on a layer of lettuce leaves, turning the pot upside down. We take out the remaining foil and decorate if necessary with the greens.

Great appetite!

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