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Papanas recipe by Dia

Papanas recipe by Dia

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Papanas preparation recipe

Mix the cheese with the sugar, essence, lemon and orange peel and eggs.

Gradually add the semolina, baking powder, salt and flour and mix, if not necessary do not add all the flour.

Sprinkle a little flour on the work table and spread the dough.

With a glass we make the shapes, and in the middle we make a hole.

Small balls are also made.

Put oil in a cauldron, let it heat up and fry the forms one by one.

Remove on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Serve with sour cream and cherry jam.

Good appetite

Paranormal powers. What will the elections be like?

Reading thoughts, moving objects at a distance, predicting
future events.
For a long time they were viewed with superiority by those who consider themselves somewhat intellectual. The reason? Insufficient scientific evidence. The truth?
If you look at the past, you see that such paranormal capabilities have been constantly used for military and political purposes, and governments have allocated huge funds for covert research.
But what better way to keep the public at bay than to discredit the truth?

The most gifted paranormal of the twentieth century November 1939.
The Polish Jew Wolf Messing takes refuge in the USSR, fed up with Nazi terror. Conditions have become difficult even for him, although he is endowed with extrasensory powers. With their help he became famous in the Soviet Union.
"Armed" with them, he goes directly to Stalin. To convince him, he first stole 100,000 rubles from Gosbank in Moscow. Arriving in front of the counter, Messing pulls a white sheet of paper out of a notebook and hands it to the cashier. cashier
he looks at the paper, opens the file and puts the 100,000 rubles in his bag nicely. Wolf Messing thanks him and shows up with the bag stuffed right at the cabinet of the man appointed by Stalin to supervise the experiment.
How did everything go? He had mentally sent it to the cashier to bring him the huge sum.
Messing sets up another famous experiment.
He promises to enter Stalin's office, passing the entrance guards, who are ordered not to allow him access. Mastering it, he approaches the office, walks past the respectfully retiring guards, and the person on duty opens the door wide. Stalin, stunned, wakes up with Messing in the room.
"I mentally suggested to the guards that I was Beria, the head of the Soviet Secret Police" - a person who usually entered Stalin unhindered. This is the explanation of the daredevil.
In 1940, senior Soviet official Nikolai Bulganin asked Messing to find him a lost briefcase containing top-secret documents.
In Bulganin's office, Messing views a bridge over the small river near a church. And he sees clearly - the briefcase is under the bridge.
Messing predicted that if he attacked the Soviet Union, Hitler would be defeated on May 4-5. No wonder the Nazi leader put a 200,000 mark on his head.
Messing also predicted in 1940 to Stalin that, despite the non-aggression treaty signed with Hitler, Germany would attack the USSR.
The famous Polish clairvoyant wanted to submit to scientific experiments, but Russian researchers were horrified by the threats of the ruling communist party and came to no conclusions.

"Remote viewing" is clear
Uri Geller participated in other paranormal experiments performed by Americans. In the 1970s and 1980s, a secret project was carried out led by several American civilian and military agencies, which aimed to test the paranormal capabilities of various mediums more or less famous at the time.
It's called Star Gate and aims to use "paranormal weapons."
The project is headquartered at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, California.
Uri Geller, Ingo Swann, Pat Price, Joseph McMoneagle and other mediums were involved in experiments in 1974, when a technique called "remote viewing" helped them draw a sketch of a Soviet military base thousands of miles away.
Former police officer Pat Price described in detail a military location north of the Ural Mountains. Launched to spy on the Semipalatinsk base, Price described the 20-meter-diameter spheres and huge cranes built using special techniques to seal the containers with nuclear bombs.
Satellite photos later showed that the information provided by Price was as accurate as possible. Price died in 1975 under mysterious circumstances. His colleagues are convinced that the Russian secret services were involved in this death.

All the more so as the Russians, along with their Eastern allies, especially the Czechs, were the first to begin studying "distance vision" for military purposes. Russian spies steal documents without touching them
In a 1973 letter to Harvard psychologist Gene Kearney, researcher Igor Vladsky reveals the existence of a top-secret psychiatric research base in northeastern Leningrad, codenamed Black Box.
At that time, the Soviets were already able to steal documents from a great distance or damage certain equipment.
The 1975 report presenting the latest findings of Czech and Soviet parapsychological research discusses PK (psychokinesis) in detail.
The text mentions the names of the most famous parapsychologists: Kulaghina, Vinogradova and Ermolaev. About Kulaghina, he states that it has the ability to affect living tissues and it is possible to exert it on human targets. The power
Vinogradova's moving objects and Ermolaev's levitation capabilities could be used to activate or deactivate power sources, to steal military documents or software.

From a psychokinetic point of view, you don't need too much force to destroy a circuit in the missile guidance system or to destroy a capillary in the brain. The commanders of the American missile units were frightened, because the possibility that the Russians would make the US ballistic missiles inoperative either in their silos or in the flight to the target, would destroy the American nuclear intimidation capacity. For this reason, huge funds have been invested in creating secret bases for parapsychological training.

The Americans are back in force In 1978, the Grill Flame, the US Department of Defense's CRV (Controll Remote Vie-wing) program, led by the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), was set up, with the participation of other state intelligence agencies.
Initially, only 12 Pentagon and Secret Service officials know about him. They are tasked with spying on an American consul in the Mediterranean area, from where it is known that the Russians were extracting information. They discovered a Russian listening post opposite the consulate, as well as an American team that was already monitoring the Russians by electronic means.
In 1979, Joe McMoneagle, a famous psychic spy who was part of this program, saw a green light on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which he associated with nuclear radiation. It was later heard that an American bomber had lost an atomic bomb in that region. The group was also tasked with predicting the crash site of the Skylab space station, and was able to locate it correctly in western Australia. They also discovered by clairvoyance the place where an American helicopter crashed, in a remote region of Peru, and the burned bodies of the pilot and co-pilot.

Political manipulation on the agenda
Even though, as we get closer to the present day, the information on this subject is not as numerous, some still reach us.
As early as February this year, Rolling Stone magazine published an article revealing that the US military had ordered "psychological operations" soldiers to manipulate visiting politicians to get more troops and money for the war.
"My role in psychological manipulation," says Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Holmes, the team leader, to the Rolling Stone reporter, "is to play with people's minds, to make enemies behave the way we want them to."
When he was ordered to do the same to American politicians, Holmes refused, on the grounds that it was illegal - and had to bear the consequences. He was sanctioned!
This is just one example that shows that paranormal techniques are still very actively used for military and political purposes, even if public opinion is still educated to ridicule them.

How it affects you
Despite sufficient superiority in everything related to the paranormal, displayed by the heads of large media trusts, they are well aware of it and even make full use of it. You're just not so naive as to think that journalism is only for information!
Some time ago, when the situation at the Japanese nuclear reactors at Fukushima was critical, Masaru Emoto, the famous scientist who studied the properties of water, proposed a unique experiment: prayer in unison over the water in the reactor.
With all the people on the planet in unison. An exceptional news, which if it had been taken over by the international media, could have had miraculous effects. But mankind, although it had this tool, could not use it.
On the main page of the CNN site, for example, sterile speculation continued to remain about Japan.
Why? Because the media has a different purpose. That of transmitting to people states of helplessness, depression, violence, malice, selfishness.
The news is all about misfortune. The shows reveal all the human misery. The films evoke, to a large extent, terror and violence. Soap operas educate people to social relationships without any spiritual horizon.
You don't even have time to be afraid of possible paranormal terrorists, because the manipulation of your subconscious happens every second.
Someone naively said he didn't want to work with suggestions because he didn't know how strong they could be. But he did not realize that he was bombarded with suggestions every step of the way through the billboards. In fact, you don't even have to get up from your chair when you press the remote control on the TV to "work" with suggestions. Negative, unfortunately.
So, if you want to keep yourself safe from manipulation, you have no choice but to create a strong opposite field in your being. Give up watching unnecessary shows. Cultivate as bright thoughts as possible. Transform the resonance of your whole being so much for the better that any negative suggestion that passes by you cannot touch you.
Remember that everything in the universe is resonant. Where I can't find "fertile ground", negative suggestions can't be planted.

Malay cake

It's delicious. I learned it from the American, and later I discovered that my grandmother (but also other grandparents in the country) know the recipe from her ancestors.

Suitable for all ages !!

Your comment: a very simple and very tasty recipe I think

Your comment: a simple recipe that results in a very tasty dish

Your comment: the closest recipe to my childhood, without the additions of the past, as I have seen in other recipes

A wonderful cake that should not be forgotten. Let's offer it to our children as well.

I'll do it tomorrow night and then I'll tell you how it is

Papanas preparation recipe by Dia - Recipes

Couscous is a great way to diversify your dishes when you opt for a healthy way of eating. Couscous is a beneficial nutritional food, an alternative to pasta, which contains protein (a cup of cooked couscous has 12% of the daily requirement), fiber, selenium, B-complex vitamins, beneficial for cell development, immune system & energy.

See below for the simplest and most effective way to prepare couscous. & Icircl can be served as a garnish with other foods, such as baked salmon or steamed mackerel. It will be a very delicious dinner, I assure you! It cooks very fast and every time I get away when I don't have enough time to cook!


  • a cup of couscous
  • ap & # 259 boiling & # 259
  • a clove of garlic (optional)
  • 1 tbsp & # 539 & # 259 sweet paprika
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Himalayan salt to taste
  • green & # 539uri: p & # 259trunjel, m & # 259rar proasp & # 259t
  1. We put the couscous in a bowl.

2. Add the finely chopped garlic, salt, paprika and olive oil. Mix everything with a spoon.

3. Turn over the boiling water to cover the 2-finger couscous. Cover the dish with a plate and let the couscous swell nicely. It will take about 5-7 minutes maximum

4. Press the green above the green and serve with pleasure! The couscous can be served alone, with fish or with a vegetable stew! You can also add couscous in this condition to salads of all kinds.

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