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Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

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Americans have embraced this date as an excuse to celebrate all things Mexican and gorge on its cuisine and drinks, but the true significance is often misunderstood. May 5 is not Mexican Independence Day as many would believe. Instead, it marks the date of the defeat of the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

It’s a long story. The gist is that by 1861, Mexico was in debt to England, France and Spain after several wars, including their independence from Spain in 1821 and the Civil War in 1858. France, under Napoleon III, decided to go after their money, and a little expansion of the empire wouldn’t hurt. England and Spain decided to stay out of it. President Abraham Lincoln very publicly expressed his sympathy, but the U.S. had its hands full with the Civil War, and so denied assistance. So Napoleon sent Austrian-born Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian (debatably a cousin) to lead the French army to invade Mexico and claim it for themselves.

In spring of 1862, the French landed on the Mexican coast. Meanwhile, General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín had time to prepare the Mexican army as they awaited the invasion in the state of Puebla. Well, as prepared as 4,500 soldiers can be when going up against 6,500. On May 5 at forts Loreto and Guadalupe, they succeeded in fending off Maximilian’s troops and halting the succession, thus restoring a sense of national unity and patriotism. Albeit, short-lived.

Napoleon eventually sent more troops and Maximilian was installed as Emperor of Mexico in 1864. By 1867, the Civil War had ended and the U.S. was able to send in military and political reinforcements to expel the French. Maximilian was eventually executed by firing squad.

So Cinco de Mayo is really a way to commemorate a glorious and improbable (if brief) underdog victory. Ironically, in Mexico it is mostly only observed in Puebla. Here in the U.S., we like any excuse to party, especially with a margarita or cerveza. Now that you know the real story, how about celebrating with some fitting Mexi-French spirits and cocktails?

One way is to sip something neat. Several tequilas (usually at least the reposado and/or añejo) are aged in French oak, such as Riazul, Casa Noble, Milagro, Chinaco, Corralejo and El Tesoro. Some also use ex-Cognac barrels, such as Excellia and Maestro Dobel. These mezclas are also aged in French oak: Del Maguey Vida, Los Nahuales and Los Danzantes.

Another way to show your appreciation is with cocktails showcasing Mexican spirits over classic French ingredients.

Click here for tequila cocktails for Cinco de Mayo, including the El Mendoza, and Sin Titulo.

Sara Kay, The

27 Cinco de Mayo Drinks You’ll Love

So while Cinco de Mayo may be a bigger holiday OUTSIDE Mexican than in it, that doesn’t mean it’s not a good reason to celebrate.

Cinco de Mayo literally means the 5th of May. It’s often used to celebrate Mexican heritage.

Or more often just a good use for a party – the same way we view St.Patrick’s Day.

And truthfully some regions in Mexico do observe the holiday. Cinco de Mayo celebrates Mexico defeating the French army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

As a Canadian I have never officially celebrated it. However, I think it’s a great reminder to eat more Mexican food.

And Mexican antojitos are the perfect pairing with Cinco de Mayo drinks.

But there are lots of easy Mexican recipes if you want to take your Cinco de Mayo celebrations up a notch!

30 Delicious Cinco De Mayo Drinks to Kick off Your Fiesta

From frozen margs to fruity sangrias, these cocktails will definitely keep the party going on May 5.

Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner &mdash which means it's time to get the fiesta going with the best boozy drinks! Though delicious tacos and other Mexican recipes are obviously a must for your celebration come May 5, everyone knows there's no real party without the best cocktails and refreshing beverages. That's why we've rounded up some of the best Cinco de Mayo drinks to really kick off your fiesta for this traditional Mexican holiday &mdash and even though tequila is obviously king when it comes to this special day of celebration, we've also gathered so many other refreshing liquors and cocktail recipes that are perfect for a party, including those that incorporate rum, mezcal, and wine (and some of them even multiple liquors in one!).

Whether you're going for a classic margarita or can't wait to sip on a grapefruit Paloma (or maybe even a a spicy Michelada), these 30 Cinco de Mayo cocktails are sure to help you get your fiesta on &mdash and will definitely have your lively celebration lasting through the entire fifth of May.

If you&aposre looking for a refreshing drink with a bit of kick, this Spicy Cucumber Margarita is for you. To make this cocktail, muddle 1 to 2 slices of jalapeño pepper in the bottom of a cocktail shaker with 1 oz. lime juice, 1 oz. lemon juice, and 1 oz. agave nectar (optional). Then, add 3 oz.  Plata Tequila, 1/2 oz. DeKuyper Triple Sec Liqueur, and ice. Shake the concoction and strain into a glass over ice. To add a bit of flare, garnish your drink with thinly sliced cucumbers and jalapeño slices (for a bit of extra spice).

Check out this refreshing twist on a classic margarita! To make this simply sweet recipe, rim a glass with sugar and salt. Next, add 3/4 oz. tequila, 3/4 oz. orange liqueur, lemon and lime juice, ice, and 3-4 oz. Pure Leaf Mango Hibiscus.

Catrina Cocktail by Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood Resort

Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a Rosewood Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico is a fixture in our Top 100 lists year after year. Whether you’re heading down to this gorgeous Mexican retreat or simply want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home, the Catrina cocktail is the way to go. The citrus-based cocktail is the perfect fruity drink to kick off the summer wherever you are.


  • 1oz Clase Azul Mezcal
  • .5oz peach schnapps
  • 2oz fresh tangerine juice
  • .5oz agave honey

Mix all ingredients in a shaker with ice and garnish with a twist of tangerine peel.

Make cocktails with mezcal or tequila at home for Cinco de Mayo

Spicy Y Flaca is one recipe from Miguel Valencia of Anepalco, a Mexican restaurant in Orange County. Photo courtesy of Miguel Valencia.

I miss bars. I’m not a big drinker, but going to a great bar and nursing a deliciously balanced cocktail or two over conversation is a treat that’s been missing the past many months, both the elixir that relaxes and conversation in close intimate settings. I’ll have an occasional Negroni or Gin and Tonic at home, but it’s not like I measure or take the time to garnish the glass.

Since Cinco de Mayo is coming up, often an occasion to imbibe, I decided to reach out to a selection of talented bartenders and ask them for a mezcal or tequila-based drink we can make at home.

The recipes range from simple to more complex, with tart, sweet, smoky and savory flavor choices. Take the time to follow the recipes and shake or stir as required. Dip those glass rims and finish off the drink with the required final garnish. Salud!

Eric Alperin of The Varnish
Matt Biancaniello of Eat Your Drink
Adam Flamenbaum of M. Georgina (formerly of Native)
Gilbert Marquez of Illegal Mezcal
Miguel Valencia of Anepalco Restaurant

Eric Alperin offers a recipe for La Otra Palabra. Photo courtesy of Eric Alperin.

Eric Alperin of The Varnish and author of “Unvarnished

Eric created this cocktail based on The Last Word, a Prohibition-era gin cocktail that originated at the Detroit Athletic Club. Opt for a mezcal with a clean, peppery flavor. Use a giant rock of ice. Eric was the bartender who popularized large format ice and created systems to make it.

La Otra Palabra
smoky | bold | bright


  • 2 ounces mezcal
  • 1 ounce lime juice
  • 1/4 ounce yellow Chartreuse
  • 1/4 ounce Maraska Maraschino Cherry Liqueur
  • 1 bar spoon agave syrup


-Measure all ingredients into a cocktail shaker.
-Add a rock of ice and shake hard.
-Strain into a chilled double rocks glass over a fresh rock of ice.

Matt Biancaniello offers a recipe for The Inside of Italy. Photo courtesy of Matt Biancaniello.

The Inside of Italy
tart | fresh | savory


  • 2 oz 123 Tequila Blanco
  • 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
  • 3/4 oz agave syrup ( 1:1 ratio of agave nectar to water)
  • 1/4 of a Cara Cara orange ( from JJ’s Lone Daughter)
  • Healthy pinch of fresh oregano ( from Coleman Farms)
  • 1 oz white balsamic
  • Garnish: Dehydrated and Smoked Grapefruit slice from Windrose Farm


-Muddle everything except the tequila
-Add the tequila and ice and shake and strain into a rocks glass with nugget ice and garnish with grapefruit slice

Adam Flamenbaum offers a recipe for Petunia. Photo courtesy of Adam Flamenbaum.

Adam Flamenbaum formerly of M. Georgina

“The red wine syrup, which gives the drink its color and depth of flavor, is easy to make. Simply stir together equal parts red wine and rich simple syrup. Aperol adds an orange accent and subtle bitterness,” says Flamenbaum. “If using Campari instead, you can omit the orange bitters. It’s called a petunia because its distant cousin is the daisy (or margarita), and because of its deep color. Petunias grow wild throughout Mexico much like agave.”

savory | tart | refreshing


  • 2oz Mezcal
  • ¾ oz Lime juice
  • ½ oz Aperol
  • ½ oz Red Wine Syrup
  • Several dashes of Orange Bitters


-Shake, strain, and serve over ice.
-Garnish with a lime wheel.

Gilbert Marquez offers a recipe for Santa Ana Fruit Cart. Photo courtesy of Gilbert Marquez.

“Street vendors were the highlight of my weekend growing up in Southern California, and this cocktail pays tribute to those memories,” says Marquez.

Santa Ana Fruit Cart
sweet | sour | spicy


  • 2 slices fresh cucumber
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • ½ oz lime juice
  • 1 oz pineapple juice
  • 2 oz mezcal


-Shake with ice and serve without.
-Garnish rim with Tajin and a cucumber wheel

Miguel Valencia offers a recipe for Spicy Y Flaca. Photo courtesy of Miguel Valencia.

“It’s called ‘spicy’ because we combine Poblano and Serrano chiles in the elaboration of the drink, and ‘flaca’ or skinny because we use 100% cane sugar for the syrup,” says Valencia.

Spicy Y Flaca
tart | spicy | fresh


  • 2 oz tequila blanco infused with poblano chile and cucumbers for 24 hours
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz cane sugar syrup


-Garnish by dipping the rim of the glass first in lime juice then in powdered chile.
-Float a cucumber slice on top.

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6 Irresistible Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

Get in the festive spirit with these delicious, drinks for Cinco De Mayo.

The key to celebrating this holiday is enjoying it with friends and family and what better way than with a delicious drink in hand. And if you&aposre partial to the tropical, refreshing flavors of tequila and rum, you&aposre in luck. Don&apost be tempted by overly sweet bottled or powdered mixers: the key to making drinks at home is to use fresh ingredients (think fruit juice, herbs, spices, and citrus) instead.

Here, we&aposve rounded up six top-notch Cinco de Mayo cocktails𠅏rom a classic Frozen Watermelon Margaritaਊnd Spicy Paloma made with mezcal to a tea-based boozy Hibiscus Punch and more—that you can shake, stir, or blend at home to toast the occasion. Once you&aposve nailed your drink, we recommend making a large portion of thisꃞlicious homemade guacamole and cheesy chicken nachos to pair with.

Puree 1 cup frozen watermelon, 1 ounce triple sec, 2 ounces blanco tequila, and ½ ounce lime juice in a blender until smooth. Pour into a margarita glass and garnish with a wedge of lime. Makes 1 drink.

Muddle 3 sprigs of cilantro and 2 small slices of jalapeño in a cocktail shaker. Fill shaker with ice. Add 1½ ounces blanco tequila, ¾ ounce triple sec, ½ ounce lime juice, and 1 teaspoon simple syrup. Shake well and pour into a salt-rimmed glass. Garnish with lime and another sprig of cilantro. Makes 1 drink.

Combine 1½ ounces blanco tequila, ½ ounce mezcal, ¾ ounce freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice, 1½ ounces grapefruit soda, and ¾ ounces lime juice in cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into an old fashioned glass filled with crushed ice. Makes 1 drink.

Combine 1 ounce freshly-squeezed orange juice, 1 ounce tomato juice, ¾ ounce lime juice, ½ ounce grenadine, and 3 dashes of hot sauce in a glass filled with ice. Stir until cold, then strain into a small glass. Sip alongside a shot of tequila. Makes 1 drink.

Combine 8 ounces chilled hibiscus tea (such as Tazo Passion), 1½ ounces dark rum, ¾ ounce simple syrup, ½ ounce lime juice, and 2 dashes cinnamon bitters in a tall glass filled with ice. Stir. Garnish with slice of lime. Makes 1 drink.

Pulse 2 ounces pineapple juice, 2 ounces cream of coconut, 1 ounce dark rum, 1 ounce ginger liqueur, ½ ounce lime juice, and ½ cup crushed ice in a blender until combined. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with a slice of pineapple. Makes 1 drink. ‪

Five of Our Favorite Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in quarantine is a cinch with these festive drinks.

Just the mention of Cinco de Mayo elicits cheerful visions of margaritas, Tex-Mex fare, festive music, and vibrant, colorful papel picado decor. But while Texans love a good reason to salt-rim a cocktail glass and blend up a tangy ’rita, many don’t know why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo at all. Most people associate the date with Mexican Independence, which actually takes place on September 16. Instead, May 5 commemorates an entirely different benchmark in Mexico’s history: a surprise victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. At the time, Napoleon III sought a stronghold in Mexico City to establish a second Mexican empire to ally with the French. The advancement met defeat by a military platoon of resistance fighters led by General Ignacio Zaragoza. The victory was short-lived, as the French later won a second attack at Puebla and pushed on to Mexico City. Still, the initial triumph by Mexico serves as a reminder of hope.

Cinco de Mayo isn’t as widely celebrated in Mexico as it is in the United States. Some of its popularity here is due to the Chicano civil rights movement of the sixties, which brought more attention to Mexican culture throughout the country. Mexican beer importers, including Corona and Modelo, commercialized the holiday with a wave of ad campaigns in the eighties. Today, you’ll find festivities marking the memorial occasion, particularly in the Mexican state of Puebla, and throughout the U.S. as a celebration of Mexican heritage.

Though this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations may be confined to your living room or patio thanks to the COVID-19 quarantine, that’s no reason not to swirl together a DIY libation to commemorate the occasion. We’ve compiled a short list of some of our favorite previously published recipes.

The bittersweet juiciness of grapefruit combines with the smooth sweetness of tequila and the provocative tingle of effervescence from Topo Chico in this drink from the Gage Hotel’s White Buffalo Bar in Marathon.

2 ounces tequila blanco
4 ounces fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice
3 ounces Topo Chico
2 lime wedges

Salt the rim of a glass (some prefer to add a pinch of salt to the drink instead), then add the tequila, grapefruit juice, and Topo Chico. Squeeze and add the lime wedges. Fill the glass with ice and stir. If you like your Paloma a touch sweeter, you can add a little simple syrup or superfine sugar.

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The Best To-Go Cocktails in Austin

Leveraging the smoky allure of mezcal with the bittersweet bite of Cynar, this tantalizing cocktail from the Sternewirth bar at Hotel Emma finishes with a spicy heat from guajillo chiles.

1½ ounces mezcal
¾ ounce hibiscus cordial*
¼ ounce Cynar
½ ounce fresh lime
4 drops chile tincture**

Combine mezcal and next three ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Add four drops of chile tincture and serve immediately.

*Hibiscus Cordial: Bring ½ cup sugar and ½ cup water to a boil over medium-high heat. Remove from heat and add ½ cup hibiscus flowers and let steep for 10 minutes. Strain the syrup and let cool in refrigerator 30 to 45 minutes.

**Chile Tincture: Add 1 cup chopped dried Guajillo chiles to 5 ounces of vodka. Let sit for 24 hours, allowing sunlight to hit it. Strain the chiles off of the infusion and place in glass container or jar until ready to use.

This fruity wine-based favorite from El Paso’s former 2900 Kitchen receives an added kick from lemon and orange liqueurs. For the wine, the characteristic fruitiness of any zinfandel will do.

1 navel orange wedge, peeled
1 half-inch slice fresh pineapple
3 fresh strawberries, stemmed and sliced in half
3 red seedless grapes
1 slice Red Delicious apple
1 ounce Paula’s Texas Lemon
1 ounce Paula’s Texas Orange
5 ounces 2005 Zin Valle Rising Star Zinfandel, Mesilla Valley
splash of club soda or Sprite
sprig of fresh mint (garnish)

Combine fruit with Paula’s Texas liqueurs and place in a glass or metal container for 24 hours to macerate the flavors and create a sangria base. Add zinfandel and shake. Pour over ice and top off with club soda or Sprite. Garnish with mint.

No Texas household is complete without a classic margarita recipe. And since most of us are now spending our days at home, it doesn’t hurt that this one from Houston’s Eight Row Flint packs a punch from the overproof tequila it includes. (Most tequila weighs in at around 80 proof, this recipe calls for 110 proof. If you can’t find a high-proof tequila, there’s no shame in using your standard pour.)

1 1/2 ounces 110-proof silver tequila
3/4 ounce orange curaçao
1 ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice
1/2 ounce lime oleo saccharum*
drop pasteurized egg white
2 dashes salt tincture**

Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously with ice to chill. Strain onto fresh ice in a highball glass. Garnish with a lime wheel.

*In a bowl, muddle 1 cup of packed lime peels with 2 cups sugar. Cover and infuse in the refrigerator overnight. Add 1 cup water to the infused sugar and stir to dissolve. Strain and store in the fridge for up to two weeks.

**Stir 1/3 cup salt into 1/3 cup warm water until salt is dissolved.

A boozy concoction first shaken up by Austin’s Cedar Door bar, the Mexican martini isn’t much different from your standard margarita on the rocks. But there’s something about the martini glass adorned with a few toothpick-skewered olives and the DIY presentation with an icy metal shaker alongside that takes this drink to another level.

3 ounces añejo tequila
1 1/2 ounces Cointreau
1 1/2 ounces fresh lime juice
1/2 ounce green-olive brine from the jar
a splash of fresh orange juice
lime wedges and olives

Agitate everything in an ice-filled shaker, then strain into a small, chilled coupe or martini glass rimmed with salt. Add a couple of olives and a lime wedge. Proceed to drink slowly, preferably with a basket of chips and a bowl of salsa, and clear your calendar for the rest of the day.

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26 cocktails to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Staying in on Cinco de Mayo this year? Well, you can still drink(o) on the cinco at home. HOLA! USA has rounded up a number of spicy and sweet recipes that will give you and your household something to taco bout. From Casamigos to Jose Cuervo and more, check out these cocktails that are a must for any fiesta.

Scroll for Cinco de Mayo drink recipes:

© Courtesy of DeLeon Tequila

DeLeón Spicy Serrano & Cucumber Martini

• 1 1/2 oz DeLeón Blanco Tequila

• 3 oz Fresh Pressed Cucumber Juice

• 1-2 Slices Muddled Serrano Chile

• Garnish: Cucumber Slice on a Gold Skewer and Chile Verde Salt (Sea Salt with Ground Green Chile)

Muddle Serrano chile and cilantro in a shaker tin. Add DeLeón Blanco tequila, cucumber juice, lime juice, agave nectar and ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a cucumber skewer.

Coco Conga

• 2 oz BACARDĺ Superior Rum

• Splash of BACARDĺ Coconut Flavored Rum

• Garnish: Mint Sprig and Lime Wedge

Add the BACARDĺ Superior Rum, lime juice sugar and mint to a highball glass. Press mint with a bar spook to release oil. Add crushed ice, almost to top, and churn. Top with club soda and crown with a splash of BACARDĺ Coconut Flavored Rum. Garnish with a mint sprig and lime wedge.

Casamigos Spicy Mangorita

• 1.5 oz Casamigos Reposado Tequila

• ½ Thick Rim of Salt, Sugar, Taji­n Mixture (Equal Parts)

Wet rocks glass, rim and roll half rim in salt/sugar/Tajín mixture. Combine all of the ingredients into a tin shaker. Muddle cilantro/serrano, add ice, shake vigorously, and fine strain into a rimmed rocks glass. Add fresh ice and garnish with a cilantro sprig.

© Courtesy of Tequila Cazadores

Tequila Cazadores’ Spicy Margarita

• 1 ½ parts Cazadores Blanco

• ½ part Premium Orange Liqueur

Combine all of the ingredients with ice. Shake and strain into a salted glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Cucumber Watermelon Margarita

• ¾ part Agave Nectar (or Substitute with Simple Syrup)

• Garnish: Tajin and Watermelon and Cucumber Spears.

Muddle watermelon & cucumber in a Boston shaker. Add the remaining ingredients. Shake and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with Tajin and watermelon and cucumber spears.

© Courtesy of Sweet Liberty Miami Beach

Sweet Liberty’s Something Spicy with Tequila

• Garnish: Lime Wheel and Sprinkling of Tajin

Pour straight from slushee machine and garnish with lime wheel and sprinkling of Tajin + small straw.

© Courtesy of Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier’s Grand Margarita

• .75 part Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

• 1.5 parts Espolon Reposado Tequila

Rim the rocks glass with fine salt (optional). Combine the ingredients in a shaker tin. Add ice and shake. Strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice and garnish with lime wedge for an elevated twist on the classic margarita.

© Courtesy of DeLeon Tequila

DeLeón Red Raspberry Raspado

• 1 1/2 oz DeLeón Blanco Tequila

• Garnish: Lemon Slice, Red Raspberry, Mint, Gold Skewer

Add all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Fill a rocks glass with shaved ice. Pour cocktails over ice. Garnish with lemon slice, red raspberry and mint on a skewer.

© Courtesy of Revel Spirits

Tierra Madre Recipe by Revel Spirits

• .5 oz G.E. Massenez Creme de Gingembre

• 1 Full Dropper of Addition Tarragon Bitters

• Garnish: 3-4 Tarragon Leaves on Golden Beet Foam or Slice

Shake all of the ingredients with ice and double-strain over a large rock in a double Old Fashioned glass. Add garnish.

Mijenta Paloma

• 2 parts Mijenta Blanco Tequila

• 1 part Agave/Cinnamon Syrup

Shake all of the ingredients with plenty of ice. Strain into a wine glass filled with ice. Top with prosecco. Garnish with grapefruit peel.

© Courtesy of Corralejo Tequila

Spanish Peach Margarita

• 2 oz Corralejo Tequila Silver

Tear mint leaves into fourths and add to a shaker. Add tequila, peach schnapps, agave nectar and lemon juice to the shaker. Shake vigorously. Strain over ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with a mint leaf.

1800 Coco Creamsicle Margarita

• 2 oz 1800 Coconut Tequila

• Garnish: Lemon Wheel and Salt

Shake and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with salt rim & lemon wheel

© Courtesy of Flecha Azul Tequila

El Coco Carlos

• 2 oz. Flecha Azul Reposado Tequila

Start by muddling an orange wedge in your shaker, then combine the rest of the ingredients into a shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a salted rocks glass over one giant cube. Garnish with an orange spiral.

Grapefruit and Jalapeño Margarita

• 1 1/2 oz Jose Cuervo® Tradicional® Reposado

• 1 oz Freshly Squeezed Red Grapefruit Juice

• 1 oz Freshly Squeezed Lime juice

Add all of the ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Salt your rim if desired. Shake and pour over ice. You can add the jalapeño into the mixer and mix for a stronger kick, or add to the drink after and let sit for a minute before drinking. Enjoy!

© Courtesy of Dano’s Tequila

Dano’s Summer Sangria

• 4 oz Dano’s Pineapple & Jalapeno Tequila

Chill wine, then combine all of the ingredients in a pitcher. Add fresh fruit like strawberries, pineapple, and lime wedges. Include jalapeño slices for extra spice. Serve over ice.

© Courtesy of Martini & Rossi Fiero

Italian Rita

• 1 oz Martini & Rossi Fiero

Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake together. Pour over ice into a rocks glass and garnish with a lime wheel.

Fresh Ink Smoked Margarita

• 1 Pinch of Smoked Paprika

Prepare a rocks glass by moistening the rim and rolling it in smoked sea salt. Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake to chill. Fine strain over fresh ice cubes in the prepared glass. Garnish with a lime and a dusting of smoked paprika.

© Courtesy of Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila’s Pico Picante

• 1.5 oz of Casamigos Blanco

• .5 oz of Ilegal Joven Mezcal

• 1.75 oz of Pico Mix (.75 oz Cucumber Juice .75 oz Jalapeño Syrup .25 oz Cilantro)

In a shaker, combine the tequila, mezcal and pico mix. Add in the pico mix and dash of orange bitters and shake vigorously. Pour into a highball glass over ice and garnish with a cucumber swirl.

© Courtesy of American Social

American Social’s Spicy Guava-rita

• 1 ½ oz Choice of Tanteo Tequila

Combine all of the ingredients in a mixing tin. Rim cocktail glass with jalapeno salt. Shake, strain over fresh ice.

© Courtesy of Volcán De Mi Tierra Tequila

La Valoma Cocktail

• 2 oz Volcan Blanco Tequila

• 1.5 oz Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Combine Volcan Blanco, fresh lime and grapefruit juice, salt, and agave syrup in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain over ice in a highball glass. Top with soda water and garnish with a grapefruit wedge.

© Courtesy of La Adelita Tequila

Tequila Mango Colada

• Mango Puree: 4 Chunks of Frozen Mango with a Light Squeeze of Agave

• 2 oz La Adelita Tequila Blanco

• 1 oz of 50/50 Lemon-Lime Juice

• Garnish: Fresh Mango and Thyme

Make the mango agave puree in a food processor. Blend 4-5 mango chunks and a light squeeze (approx. 3/4 oz.) of Agave. Blend until semi-smooth and set aside.Juice half a lemon and half a lime into a small glass and set aside. In a shaker tin, add the mango agave puree, lemon-lime juice mixture, 3/4 oz. cream of coconut, and ice. Shake well and strain over fresh ice in a glass.Garnish with fresh thyme and mango. Enjoy!

© Courtesy of Hornitos Tequila Seltzer

Spicy Cucumber Margarita

• 3 parts Hornitos Plata Tequila

• 1/2 part DeKuyper Triple Sec Liqueur

• 1 part Agave Nectar (Optional)

• Garnish: Thinly Sliced Cucumbers and Jalapeño Slices

Muddle 1-2 thin slices of jalapeño pepper in the bottom of a cocktail shaker with the lime, lemon and optional agave nectar juices. Add the Tequila, Triple Sec and a handful of ice. Shake and strain into a margarita glass over ice. Garnish with thinly sliced cucumbers, and Jalapeño slices (optional for spice).

Spicy Jalapeno X Volley Margarita

• 1 can of Zesty Lime Volley Tequila Seltzer

• 5-6 slices of Green Jalapeño

In a tin, muddle jalapeños with ½ oz of lime juice. Add ¾ oz of Pineapple juice, 1 oz of Mezcal, and one can of Zesty Lime Volley. Stir all of the ingredients and pour into a large glass over ice. If you like it extra spicy, add a few dashes of Tabasco.

Pink Tiger by Ojo de Tigre Artesanal Mezcal

• 1.5 Parts Ojo de Tigre Mezcal

• 4 Parts Grapefruit Soda (Fever Tree recommended)

• Garnish: Pink Grapefruit Slice or Lime Wheel

Build all of the ingredients over ice in a highball glass and stir to mix. Garnish with a pink grapefruit slice or lime wheel.

© Courtesy of @cocktailswithmenyc

The Don Paco

• Dash of Chocolate Bitters

• Garnish: Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Prepare a clean glass with ice. In a blender, add more ice, YaVe Tequila, Kahlua, cream, peanut butter and chocolate bitters. Blend until smooth. Once smooth, pour into your prepared glass over ice. Garnish with Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups.

Mad Horchata

• 1 cup Uncooked White Rice (Any Type Works)

• 1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk

• 1 can MAD TASTY (Unicorn Tears)

• Chocolate Syrup (If Desired)

Wash and then drain the rice to remove excess starches. Place rice, cinnamon sticks, and water into a bowl. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Next day, add half of the mixture (rice, 1 stick, and some of the soak water) to a blender. (Vitamix works best) Puree until very smooth and pasty (about 5 minutes). Strain this mixture through a fine sieve over a bowl or wide mouth pitcher. Push solids through with a rubber spatula. Repeat with remaining rice/ water overnighted mixture. In a separate bowl, mix sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and the splash of vanilla extract. Stir into pasty rice mixture really well. Pour about 6 ounces of the rice milk mixture into a 14 oz. glass. Pour 6 oz. MAD TASTY over top. Give a stir with a fork until white foamy bubbles are created. Top off with chocolate syrup as desired!

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