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Assorted pickles

Assorted pickles

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How I prepare Assorted pickles:

I washed the vegetables and let them drain. I cleaned the roots and cut them into slices so as to make room for them among the gogonele and cucumbers, because they do not sit evenly. I cut the apples and quinces into four pieces. and carrots in two. I put on the bottom of the jars the dried dill, 3 cloves of garlic and the cherry twigs and I placed the vegetables and fruits on them as well as I could, being careful with the grapes so as not to press them.

I boiled the vinegar with water, salt, sugar and spices and poured it hot over it assorted pickles from the jars and I immediately put the lids on. Jars with assorted pickles I covered them with towels and kept them like that until they cooled, then I put them in the pantry.

I usually put in jars with assorted pickles and white and red cabbage, but this time I chose to put more beets that will color the liquid composition very nicely.

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